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"Thái Lan, Indonesia Việt Nam trong Đông Nam Á."

Translation:Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam are in Southeast Asia.

July 17, 2017



I find it interesting that in English we normally state the vertical direction before the horizontal direction (southeast). In Vietnamese, it's the other way around. "Đông nam" is literally "east south".


Wow!. nice observation. I've found that many phrases in vietnamese is the other way round. e.g. ý tưởng tốt or ý tưởng hay = good idea. Although if you directly translate it means "idea good".

mưa nhỏ ---> rain small (direct translation) ---> means 'drizzle'.


Vietnamese and Chinese express compass directions the same way.

Adjectives in Vietnamese follow the noun they modify, but in Chinese the adjectives come first (as in English). Southeast Asia is 東南亞 ("east south Asia") in Chinese, so I was surprised that it isn't Á Nam Đông in Vietnamese.


VNmese often follows the Chinese wording order when it comes to geographical locations and their names that came from Chinese; though nowadays, a lot of VNmese just use their English names, pronunciation and writing.

  • Bắc/Nam Mỹ: North/South America
  • Bắc/Đông Âu: Northern/Eastern Europe
  • Bắc/Nam Cực: North Pole/South Pole
  • Trung Quốc: China
  • Nam Hàn (or Hàn Quốc): South Korea
  • Bắc Triều Tiên (or Triều Tiên, or Bắc Hàn): North Korea
  • Nam Phi: South Africa
  • Tân Tây Lan (Tân = new; or New Zealand, or the Vietnamized Niu Di-Lân): New Zealand
  • Bắc Kinh: Beijing
  • Đông Kinh (or Tokyo): Tokyo


Many languages use first noun and then adjective, including the romance languages like Spanish or French. Although in those languages you can invert the order for stylistic reasons or emphasis.


I'm surprised the adjectives "East South" precede the noun "Asia". I would have expected "Châu Á Đông Nam" just based on everything else Vietnamese.


Why is simply 'ở' instead of 'trong ở' marked wrong?


Việt Nam is also considered East Asian by many as well.


The multiple choice has this:

Thái Lan, Indonesia, và Việt Nam năm trong Đông Nam Á

What's with the năm here?


Người Việt đọc hướng lệch bằng cách lấy trục ngang Đông Tây rồi ghép với trục đứng Bắc Nam. VD : Đông Bắc, Đông Nam, Tây Nam, Tây Bắc. Còn hướng lệch nhiều thì lấy tên của hướng lệch nhiều đặt trước, VD : Bắc Đông-Bắc, Đông Đông-Bắc, Tây Tây-Nam, Nam Tây-Nam, ...

~ The Vietnamese read the deviation directions by taking the East-West horizontal axis and add it with the North-South vertical axis. Ex: Đông Bắc, Đông Nam, Tây Nam, Tây Bắc. As for the more deviation directions, the name of the deviation direction is set before, Eg : Bắc Đông-Bắc, Đông Đông-Bắc, Tây Tây-Nam, Nam Tây-Nam, ...

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