"The knight is singing."

Translation:Azantys vāedas.

July 18, 2017

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Weren't we supposed to end, somewhat in a "yoda"-fashion, with "is"? I think there were previous examples of this type of grammar happening.

"Azantys vāedas ilza" Could both be right? Or nah?


I thought it was azantys vāedas issa?



I think because "vāedas" is already -someone/thing Singing-, then the "issa" isn't relavent. it's like saying "it is singing it is"


The yoda effect goes approximately along the lines of "XSV" where SV is subject-verb, and the X is the rest of the sentence.

  • Pull out my lightsaber, I will not.
  • The dark force, I join.

The "effect" or word order in High Valyrian is more like "SOV", which is the most common form of word order in the world. English is "SVO" (subject-verb-object).

  • Azantys prūbrī ipradas. ("The knight eats the apple")
  • Azantys rine jemas. ("The knight leads the girl")
  • Azantys rinot vaedas. ("The knight sings to the girl")
  • Azantys oktiot is. ("The knight goes to the city")
  • Azantys oktiot istas. ("The knight went to the city")
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