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Let's complete Duolingo's Nordic Language Collection! Let's add Faroese Finnish and Icelandic!

I've been using Duolingo for over a year and I have to say, learning languages became easier and much more fun than the typical way of learning languages in a class or with a one-on-one tutor. This site changed my life and I am becoming more fluent with the languages I am currently learning. So, before I continue, thank you very much, Duolingo!

I am huge fan of Scandinavia! I'm in love with Iceland and Finland, the peoples, cultures and the languages. This site already offer Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, which is great. I really want Duolingo to add Faroese, Finnish and Icelandic to the collection of languages where they offer ALL Nordic languages available to everyone, including English as a second language speakers. I want to make this discussion to go viral as possible to catch the Duolingo's team attention to make this dream a reality. I understand this will take time to find the right people and create courses for each of these languages, but if these languages interest you the wait will be worth wild. Please share and voice your opinion on this discussion and/or to Duolingo if you can.

Thank you for your time! -Vamp

July 18, 2017



There are a few more Nordic languages that haven't been mentioned.


About Finnish:

There are quite a few of us learners who would like to see Finnish here, and also quite a few Finns who have volunteered to help build a course. Unfortunately, until Duolingo decides that it's the right time to start building it, there's nothing more we can do.

This is the most upvoted discussion about Finnish here. You can add your vote to support our cause. There is also a Facebook group.

And if you want to start learning, Zzzzz... kindly makes Slow Finnish lessons for us here in the discussions.

Icelandic and Faroese are requested too from time to time, but I must admit I don't follow them very closesly.


Luis confirmed on Reddit about two months ago that Finnish and Icelandic will eventually be added although he didn't say when. Faroese was not part of the discussion, so I can't say anything about that. The Duolingo team doesn't seem to care much about what people wish in the forum - unfortunately. Furthermore we don't know how many really qualified contributors have applied for certain languages and are still available to offer their time and work for free when Duolingo asks them to. There can be months or years between an application and incubation of a course.


That's really good to know. Thanks for commenting!


And Elfdalian too, please. It is in danger of going extinct.


Yes, Elfdalian is dying out and roughly around 2,000 people in Sweden speak the language. They are pushing to have Elfdalian to be taught in schools before the language completely die out. Hopefully, Duolingo will take it to consideration to add it to the list, bringing hope to keep it alive. Since Finnish, Icelandic and Faroese are requested for a while now, I'm not sure Elfdalian will make it..for now. But if you look at it, High Valyrian was recently added. I can't see why not Elfdalian.


Gutnic has only 1500 speakers.


There's a problem.

A team of about 3-7 people is needed to make the course. The Duolingo team doesn't make courses, volunteers do.

It would really be great, given the languages are dying and Duolingo is saving them. More people learn Irish on Duolingo than there are native speakers. The Irish team even got to go visit the president/leader and were thanked for making the course to save the langauge.

It won't be too long before these languages die too, so we need a few volunteers from each language to make them.


Come again? I don't think any of those languages is dying out, although my knowledge of the situation of Faroese is somewhere between poor and non-existent. I think that when a language has 5 million speakers, 90% of a single country and there is media being constantly produced in the language, but the language is mostly spoken in one medium sized country, it won't die soon unless there's a nuclear war or a huge asteroid hits the country.

Besides, at least Finnish and Icelandic have several volunteers waiting for the permission to start.


Icelandic and probably Faroese are. Icelandic people are already expressing concern for their language. Read about it here


*Nordic not Scandinavian. Common mistake. I agree tho


Changing that. Thanks!


So true! Those are the 3 languages that I'd most like to learn. I'd love to see them added.


Yes, definitely! Thanks for commenting!


Also it'd be good to add Estonian because it is similar to Finnish and could be considered a Nordic country too! :)


Yes, you're right! Good call. Thanks for commenting! :)


Elfdalian please!


I would love to see language courses for Elfdalian before it becomes extinct. Not many people speak the language anymore and it needs to be preserved. It is decended from Old Norse. Elfdalian itself now only has about 2,000 native speakers, and it is closer to Old Norse than any of the other languages still spoken today. Duolingo save this language before it disappears forever!

From online: Like all other modern North Germanic languages, Elfdalian developed from Old Norse, a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements during the Viking Age until about 1300. It developed in relative isolation since the Middle Ages and is considered to have remained closer to Old Norse than the other Dalecarlian dialects.

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