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Just a quick question

How would I say "All I wanted was to be loved for myself" in french? I'm still terrible with grammar so the closest i can think of for it is "Tout je voulu était d'être aimer pour moi-même/personnellement" but its probably all wrong because its surely not grammatically correct and im not even,, sure at this point lol but i need assistance haha,,, thanks

also ive got not clue where i needed to put this sorry

July 18, 2017



Tout ce que je voulais, c'est d'être aimé(e) pour ce que je suis.


I wanted that I be loved; that I be accepted, as I am (Je voulais être aimer, accepter, pour ce que je suis)



Use this! (If your main language is English) If not simply change the language on top. You can say how you'd say it in your language and it'll translate it into another language for you using the same words. Hope it comes in useful sometime!


It's possible there's a translation, though as a French learner of only 3 months I personally wouldn't even attempt it. I would have to re-arrange words and use work-arounds, and you might have to as well. Here's my attempt:

''Je juste voulais d'être aimé pour ce que je suis''.

It translates to more like ''I just wanted to be liked for what I am''... although I'm not 100% sure about the word order or if the preposition ''de'' is necessary here, so if a French person can verify I'd be grateful. If we wanted to say this to someone else, grammar would surely change a little... my attempt:

''Je juste voulais que tu sois aimé pour ce que tu es''. I just wanted that you be liked for what you are.

Note: sois and be don't usually translate so easily like in this case... English subjunctive is much rarer than French subjunctive.

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