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"In dem Schloss ist eine Pension und ein Restaurant vorhanden."

March 7, 2013



This is bad on some levels: Pension on hover means "guest house" also, but it is not accepted. Also if you add "available" to the sentence (vorhanden) it is also incorrect. But it is in the original sentence, so ... just how should we figure out the correct translation without encountering this sentence at least once?


i'd like to know whether 'vorhanden' is really necessary here in this context. Is its inclusion meant to highlight the availability of such services (more so than simply indicating their existence)? - even if duolingo doesn't deem it necessary/appropriate to say be so precise in the english..... Is this a typical (often used) nuance of the german language which English enacts simply through spoken intonation, whose use is similar to all those modal whatchamacallit words that have no strict equivalents in english? Thanking you for any enlightenment, peeps!


In the castle's a guesthouse and a restaurant available = awkward. If this is correct, my answer should be, too: In the castle a guesthouse and a restaurant are available.


"in the castle a guest house and a restaurant is available"

why is this wrong??

I hate to lose hearts for no reason.


In this phrasing, the subject is plural--so the verb should be too.


I know it looks old fashioned but the following should also be accepted:

There exists a guest house and a restaurant in the castle.

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