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"Il est en train de payer sa facture."

Translation:He is paying his invoice.

July 18, 2017



Could "en train de" be translated to "in the process of"?


The use of "en train de" emphasizes that the action is taking place in this moment. You could say "in the process of" but it is a bit of overkill.


Well, along the same there must be a simpler way to say he is paying his bill without saying, "en train de".


Of course. We have learned the present tense from the first lesson. Il paye sa facture. means "he pays his bill" or "he is paying his bill". "En train de" is just a way the French have to emphasize the second form with recent or continuing action.

However--fair warning--duo does not accept the simple present tense for the French version--which I think is mistaken.

(BTW, "payer" is also spelled "paier" with different spellings of the verb conjugations.)


Maybe but should it not be accepted? It doesn't so have reported it.


That's what I thought too. I wrote, he is in the process of paying his bill, and was marked wrong. Why?


He is about to pay his bill


"En train de" followed by an infinitive means that the action is taking place at this very moment.


"Is about to" means "sur le point de", the action will be done in a second


Not quite the same but close. In the act of = en train de


Is "He is just paying his bill" a better translation?


That would mean that's the only thing he's doing. But "He is just now paying his bill" seems good to me.


I disagree. He is "just now paying" his bill can carry the implication that he was slow to pay or in arrears, which is not present in the French. And with bills (plural) it seems more like "in the process of paying" which might mean a process of weeks or months. "They're just now paying the bills for her emergency surgery."


Duo facture = bill in UK


Regardez ce logiciel de comptabilité. Incroyable!

Il est en train de payer sa facture.

"It is paying his invoice" has to be accepted!


The "de" in the slowmo female voice scared the hell out of me.


"He is paying his bill right now."

Could this work, or is the "right now" unnecessary/incorrect?


How about "he is just paying his bill ?" but this was marked wrong too.

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