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  5. "Ñuha muña Dovaogēdī rijas."

"Ñuha muña Dovaogēdī rijas."

Translation:My mother is praising the Unsullied.

July 18, 2017



Vaog- is a root meaning "dirt, filth". Add -enka to make an adjective and you have vaogenka, "dirty".

With -emagon to make verbs, you have vaogemagon, "to sully". It inflects as vaogēda to make the participle "sullied"; turn that into a substantive, and it becomes vaogēdy.

Finally, do-, related to daor, is a negation. So you end up with dovaogēdy, "unsullied".

This is how a conlang should be done =)


OK, we still don't have an audio but we still have Daenerys Stormborn to teach us how to pronounce Dovaogedi!


(minute 2:20)


Would "Dovaogēdī" be singular or plural, or both? :)


Like anyone uses the word Unsullied outside of refering to "The Unsullied" of Game of Thrones. This is pure fan service which... I aprove! Kirimvose se geros ilas :)


Not pure fan service.

It helps teach many things about the language (such as for instance, how to take an root or adjective and turn it into a description that contains itself)

However, this word can also be used for other things as well as it is built from meaning of "one who is undirtied" or "pure one". Applied to many cultures, people use words like this already and some even obsess over purity.

[deactivated user]

    ok so i dont know much about game of thrones soooo what is the Unsullied?????


    Not really. They fight like Spartans but that's about it. Spartans were free people that were very strong warriors because their culture demanded it. The Unsullied are slaves that were castrated and trained to be soldiers that don't feel pain or emotions and only obey their masters.

    [deactivated user]

      oh ok. thanks a lot......that makes since


      An army of slaves who have done nothing but be forcibly trained as warriors since childhood. They also have their genitals removed to remove chances of distraction.


      Basically? Game of Thrones version of the Spartans.


      do the unsullied have bad hygiene?


      Does not the possessive pronoun come after the noun?

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