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  5. "Labda atakuja"

"Labda atakuja"

Translation:Maybe he will come

July 18, 2017



perhaps he will come


If you think your sentence should be accepted but isn't, use the report function.


May be is not correct English but there is no place to report this.


Yes, general reporting of errors, where you can write what you like


In the mobile app (at least the Android version) you can write anything in a report. The web version doesn't allow this.


May be I should report this but then again maybe I won't.


Maybe should be spelled as one word


Ironic that Duolingo, which promotes itself as a greater language teacher, has such a shaky grasp of English. Maybe he will come. It may be that he will come


Maybe Duolingo didn't write the Swahili course itself. The course developers did that, and I get the impression they are Swahili speakers with a less-than-perfect grasp of English. They are volunteers and we are getting it for free. This course is still in beta (in all but name) and progress is slow.

There are native English speakers on the course who have offered to correct the English themselves, but they don't seem to have received any response. Does anyone know if Duolingo does actually allow this? (Maybe there are access issues?)


If they give the English first, one can comment on it, but if the only choice is "May be," there's no way to mention that this is wrong.

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