"If you go to Dar es Salaam, you will see the sea"

Translation:Mkienda Dar es salaam mtaona bahari

July 18, 2017

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It's just my opinion, but I still think "you all" should be accepted to translate the -m- plural "you." It helps me keep the singular and plural forms straight.


If plural is desired in the translation please use plural in the English form.


Whi is the answer Mkienda & mtaona and not ukienda & utaona?


Translate into Swahili questions involving "you" generally tend to default to plural. Where there is no other context both singular and plural should be accepted. Report it when you see it.


But here is no problem and no reason for reporting because every options have plural form of " you ".


There is nothing to say if this is singular or plural, therefore both shoukd be accepted. 21042020


I agree with your explanation but the error is in ghe context. The sentence contrued in the answers was singular -Uki.. and the hint was M... Definate error altogether.

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