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Bring back progress quiz!

Words cannot describe my frustration with the elimination of the progress quiz!

I had not been able to take a progress quiz in almost a year because I rarely had enough lingots to do so. I would try and try to maintain my streak because that is the only way to get enough lingots to buy the progress quiz. Then I occasionally would go over the mark and have enough to buy the quiz, but I'd have to use lingots to buy another streak freeze and the cycle would start again. Every month or two I would go back and look at the few tests I had been able to afford to take last year and imagine how my score was going to increase some day when I could take it again. Finally I was about to lose a 145+ streak and I broke down and paid to restore my streak, really I was paying just so that I could take the progress quiz again. I got enough lingots to take the progress quiz again and was really excited but I decided no, after all this time, I would wait and really study hard for the test so that I could be really proud of my progress. I have been studying every day for a few weeks extra hard and finally tonight was going to be the night to take my long awaited progress quiz and see how far I have come in almost two years studying on Duolingo. Now I come to find out the tests were summarily eliminated.

I love this site so much but I am super super sad about not having the progress quiz. Are you sure the progress quiz wasn't 'popular' or are there just many more like me who were struggling to try to 'afford' the next test?? Please bring them back but make the 'price' a little lower and I bet many more people will be buying the tests. I would even be willing to pay actual money to take it.

Please chime in if you feel the same and want the progress quiz back.

July 18, 2017



Everyone has now been moved onto the new website.


  • Under consideration; progress quiz

I'm predicting the progress test won't be brought back; as stated in the article, "we would rather focus efforts on creating other, more popular shop items".


but you want it back, right? right??! :-P


It's debatable. It was great to see the progress you've made in your course, but it's the staff's decision, and I'll respect that.


well, the way I see it, they're deciding to take it away because they think it's not important to us. If we tell them it is important to us, they may give more consideration to putting it back.


I haven't been here long enough to remember the progress quiz, but I don't see why they would remove it :/

I hope they bring it back too.


I kinda know how you feel. I saved up my lingots, nearly finished my Swedish tree, wanted to do my first progress quiz... and it was gone...


Miss progress quizz... and also the flashcards that used to be found under the heading "Words". Quizz and flashcards were both so valuable especially for people who have finished the tree. I used to do the flashcards after my regular work. Please bring back quizz and flashcards!!! Janine


I want the progress quizzes back too! Please Duolingo! Bring back the testing and let us link our language learning progress to LinkedIn!


Would you mind to give me short account about progress quiz ?


The progress quiz was an untimed practice exam that you could take to test your progress in a course. It would test you on the entire course and basically if you started getting the more complicated things wrong it would start showing you easier things and eventually it would determine your level. It took about 20 minutes to complete the entire quiz and at the end it would give you a score out of 5. For example my first quiz I got 0.5/5, but then after studying for several months on my second quiz I got about a 2/5.

I have never purchased the timed practice because I don't see the point in timing myself, it doesn't matter how fast I can remember something as long as I can remember it. I understand that you only need to buy the timed practice once, but the progress quiz had to be purchased for 25 lingots every time you wanted to take it, so you couldn't take it again until you had done a significant amount more of work on the language studying.


I really miss the progress quiz also and definitely hope that it returns!

I don't think that the timed practice has any relation to the progress quiz but I did want to share two things that I like about it as a frequent user:

1) I think it helps increase my fluency because if I am going to answer all twenty in the allotted time, I have to process and respond quickly....like one has to do in a conversation. Since my goal is to reach C1 or C2 Spanish, I feel like the timed practice helps push me a little more in that direction.

2) More XP. Not a very important second reason but the timed practice awards 20XP if it is done correctly and completely in the allotted time.


that is useful, thanks Marty, I did not realize that about the timed practice


To " Ashayward" :Nice information.Thank you.


I was also disappointed to find out that I can not buy a progress quiz. In fact, this was the only thing that I found useful in the Lingot store. Timed practice is not for me, as I learn German through English, and I am not fluent in English. So often I need additional time to find the correct English translation or spelling.

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