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Family Vocab Question- тітка vs тьотя and Дядько vs Дядя

Hello Ukrainian speakers! My boyfriend and I are making bilingual books for our nephew's first birthday so he can learn to spell his name in English and Ukrainian and so he can learn everyone in the extended family's names and titles in both English and Ukrainian.

I asked my boyfriend's mom (a native Ukrainian speaker) to translate a few sentences (because let's face it, my Ukrainian is nowhere near where it needs to be yet!) and she translated aunt and uncle differently than DL tells us (see above). So we are Дядя Андрій and Тьотя Апріль (or Ейпріль if my name is translated for pronunciation rather than letter by letter??)

My question is.... what is the difference between the two words for aunt and uncle? Is one version more formal or more kid-friendly? Like auntie in English? Дякую!!!

July 18, 2017



тьотя and дядя are wrong.. they are just суржик from russian language.

тітка and дядько are ukrainian words.


Thanks for your input! My main concern with this book is using terms that are colloquial for my boyfriend's family. It seems lots of Russian has infiltrated their speech!! But here in the States they also have a lot of Russian friends. Regardless, this has been a great learning experience for me!

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