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The german struggle

I'm currently struggling in german, so I'm wondering if anyone is willing to practice german with me, and teaching me sentences that I'll actually use. Thanks in advance

July 18, 2017



What are you struggling on, specifically? Cuz once I pass a few more checkpoints, we could practice speaking. And honestly, I don't feel German is difficult, but it's not easy either. I'm just focusing on getting better at what I already learned.

You should also check out this deck on tinycards. It's about most frequently used German words. And for the most part, you don't even learn some of the words a little bit into the course! Also, practice writing letters in German to some imaginary German friend for the time being. I haven't tried it out yet, but it was the cheesiest idea I had that sounded like it actually might work. :)


Just the whole feminine/masculine thing, but other wise it's very similar to English so it's not to much of a struggle.


Gender is difficult if you come from a language without it. There are a few common patterns you can learn (like nouns with the -ung suffix are always feminine). Other than learning the patterns, a good idea is to make flashcards which tell a mini-story about each noun, along with the article. This will make it easy to remember. For example, to remember that "Katze" is feminine, write a flashcard with "Die Katze frisst Mause" (the cat eats mice). The mini-story will help you to remember that Katze goes with die, and is therefore feminine! If you don't feel like doing the flash cards, just persevere through duolingo and keep all your skills golden, it'll sink in eventually :)

[deactivated user]

    Hello, you might find Duolingo users on this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23559582 who are willing to help you with your German... Good luck!


    Why not redo the lessons mabey that would be more easy for you


    Hallo, hier bin ich, um welche S├Ątze geht es?


    (i don't know half those words...) hello, here (I'm guessing) am I, a something....? Sorry, but I don't know much...


    Steffi is saying: "Hello, here I am. To which sentences are you referring?" My advice to you is to be patient and take your time. It does get easier, I promise.


    Du kennst sie noch nicht. You do not know them yet. Sprachen lernen braucht seine Zeit. Learning languages takes it's time.
    The sentences you encounter in the course are sometimes strange for some reasons. First is that they focus on teaching the grammar so that we eventually can make our own sentences. Second: if the sentences are weird they stay better in memory ;-) And third: imagine you would be one of the course contributors adding hundreds or more sentences, would you always find sentences that made sense in real life?
    The course notes are indeed good to get a basic grammar overview. With that and all the repetition you already spend a lot of time learning German! Here are some hours of mp3 recordings, it is sort of a phrasebook :)
    Regarding the gender of nouns I've just found this discussion:

    If you are looking for other material or if you have specific questions please tell me =)


    Gender plays a lot into memorization. I've always been taught to learn the definite nominative article for a noun, though i've yet to find an effective way to learn them. We could practice together, how well do you read/write german? Kannst du dies verstehen?

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