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when will duolingo make German stories??

help me raise this topic so that we could enjoy free German stories it will help us learn faster in a more fun way

July 18, 2017



I'm honestly surprised they released Portuguese stories before German.

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It probably depends on who is helping to develop the different languages. I just found "Get Germanized"; one of the many different lessons Dominik Hannekum does is that he reads German fairy tales. I look up the best literal English translation that I can find and print it off and read it and then listen to the stories. I also print off the German text version. Right now I'm doing "Schneewitten" (Low German) also known as "Schneeweißchen" (High German). Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd8DJtgOnbYlist=PLvr84R8yDNJY3JrnwVlrQNaETuhqosrqW. You may recognize... "Spieglein, Speiglein an der Wand, Wer ist die Schönste im ganzen Land?

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I just now found out that there were German subtitles. Jeez!


Sorry, but this is one of several similar posts, and duolingo have said regarding stories, as with any and all lab projects, that they may be pulled at any time - and it looks as though they have their own means of determining whether a project is worth sticking with or not.

On another note, duolingo stories are aimed at intermediate to advanced learners, and as such are totally in the language one is learning; so unfortunately it isn't even aimed at all Spanish and Portuguese learners at this time.

If you want to give one a go, I took a stab after looking at one of the Spanish stories; but unfortunately it isn't nearly as pretty and isn't interactive at all; just a separate discussion - but if you're interested here it is.


i dont know spanish at all but when i opened one of the stories i found it so much fun and it seemed easy makes learners know more vocabulary in a fun way


I can't wait for the German stories. Hopefully it will be a fun way to listen and learn full sentences and beginner language skills.

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