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  5. Stories should count for XP!


Stories should count for XP!

Just a thought.

Maybe make it like 100xp for a 3 star, 50xp for a 2 star, and 10xp for a 1 star. I think it's a good idea because for people (me included) we can't exactly get to level 25 in a fun way, just have to just repeat thousands of lessons over and over and over and over until we reach 30,000xp.

July 18, 2017



I have always assumed that if they decide to bring stories out of labs and make it a feature of DuoLingo that they will award XP for the stories just like they do for chatbots in the IOS version of DuoLingo.

I figured that anything I find in the Labs section is temporary and/or experimental so it is in a more limited form so I didn't expect XP from the stories but I definitely would if they become a DuoLingo feature, which I hope they do!


This is what I'm guessing too.


Yes! That would be awesome! But the first day it came out I read all of them i two days because that's how much I love it!


yea and tinycards! !


tinycards should too

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Oh is that how you reach levels, by repetitions? I got knocked down all my levels once because when I was looking at other languages I went back to German and it took me for a new learner; but I quickly when through most of the sections and now I am still at lower level but have 38% fluency at level 9.


Your level can't decrease, but yeah, when there aren't any more lessons to be learnt, and and you're going for level 25 it takes forever.


They just released ten more stories!

The official post also addresses some common questions/concerns....including XP for stories.


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