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"Challenge" Goal A Little Unreachable!

I've turned on email notifications for when I forget to practice (which happens too often after Activity removal) and I got this entertaining message today:

The email is supposed to be motivational, but the prospect of doing 3883 XP on a day might be rather frightening, and consequently discouraging.

I suggest these emails be tailored to each user's tree and feature tangible goals for all users, not just new ones. Clearly not a priority, but there it is.

July 18, 2017



Cancel all calls Aria... Put on the kettle... cause you're gonna be busy. (Good to see I'm not the only one who gets these monster motivation goals).


You have a very valid point! I'd set an alarm for language learning, but still, I'd simply assume that I'd done the day's goal and I don't exactly want to come back! :-/

(minor edit, the tenses were problematic)


I think I did about 2,000 xp in one day to get to level 25, but even then it took me about 4 hours. And that was with Immersion!


I also got something similar a few days ago, demanding almost 2000 XP...


C'mon, it's not that bad! You're only 3883 points away! XD


Yep, Aria, you slacker, only a three thousand eight hundred eighty three points! For reals, just that! :D


Get to Level 25, then!


But then you just get e-mails like this:


Has anyone actually tried that kind of challenge? I wonder if people turn into green owls if they put effort to it.


anything is possible :P


And that scares me!


I could use some of that attitude!


That seems cool.


See? This is why I don't believe in that stupid phrase that goes "anything is possible". NOT everything is possible, and this just proves my point!


But, reaching level 25 is indeed possible. It may take awhile to get over 3000 XP, but it's not impossible at all. ^ ^

Edit: I just realized it said "today's goal"...

So, maybe it's very, very hard, but maybe possible...? Without immersion, reaching that goal is very difficult, I would agree.


Unless you're testing out of the tree or doing the placement test.

Or unless you're really fast at completing lessons on Duolingo, use Duolingo for a long time, and put effort into it.


@King2E4 @MasterZsword @Xamaranth @Linda7Italian:
Well, actually, it is possible, I've done it personally. About five months ago in a XP contest, I got 12753 XP in the week, excluding a 600XP tree shortcut, no Immersion. Here's a screenshot of the last (?) day, on reverse Arabic tree:

I agree that there are impossibles, but I think they're more abstract rather than real. In my belief, "killing the God" is something I can think of which is impossible. So compared to killing the God, 4000 XP is certainly achievable!

(minor edit)


I suppose you're right, Aria. If the phrase were "anything real is possible", I may have more faith in that phrase, but it is missing the word "real".


Such a cliché phrase.


WOW look who's there! Just saw the email and rushed to login to Duolingo. (How long it's been?!) I might owe you a number of apologies for quite a number of things I can't remember! How's it going? Am I glad we're back in contact!

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