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"Lessons left" userscript?


I've been using an extension on Chrome that tells me how many lessons I have left on a particular course. It's a really great motivator. Now, after all the updates, it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know of a current version?

July 18, 2017



With the old website code, there was an extension (userscript) which enabled the ability to view how many skills/lessons are left in the course. Because of the website rewrite, it won't display the remaining lesson amount anymore, and there doesn't seem to be a newer version of it.


whats the extension called?


I was a little disappointed too when I ran into the same issue. Now I have found that Duo periodically sends me an email letting me know how close I am to my next level. I haven't worked out whether it's a coincidence or not but the status seems to usually be sent if I delay in starting my daily practice until later in the 24 hr period -- for example waiting till 8pm/9pm in the evening.


I am trying to go on with the skills. finished the skill of abstract objects. how can I open the rest

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