"Qual è?"

Translation:Which is it?

March 7, 2013



there is no kind of word in the dictionary 'qual' - only I find 'quale' - so the " qual'è " should be the correct writing?

March 7, 2013


No apostrophe, it is wrong.

Qual = Quale.

It is used in very few situations like

Qual era?

Qual è?

March 7, 2013


It's used in many situations, since "qual" does exist as such: "qual momento migliore?"/ "La qual cosa mi piace"/... One or the other is a question of preference/euphony/writer.

June 20, 2018


Mille grazie. Happy learning.

June 23, 2018


It was a pleasure. As probably you noticed, many Italians make the same mistake. If you ask a teacher (oh the teachers!) why it's wrong, the reply will be: "Because it's an apocope and not an elision". This is right, but if you follow by asking: "...and why is an apocope and not an elision?" probably you will not have a reply. The practical rule is just this: if the "shortened" name can stay as such also if it's followed by a consonant, we have an apocope, if not we deal with an elision. Can we say " da tal padre, cosa vuoi?" Yes, we can. "Tal" is an apocope of "tale". Can we say " del' scolaro "? No, we cannot. "del'" is an elision (of dello). I hope this can help (Italians too).

June 24, 2018


Berto. Complimenti, il tuo uso dell'apostrofo (it's) è perfetto. Ma posso fare una piccolissima nota: "As you probably noticed..." invece di "As probably you...". Tanti auguri. L

June 24, 2018


Grazie. La posizione degli avverbi inglesi per me è turco!

June 24, 2018


Why is "what is it?" wrong? Would it be "Cosa è" ?


November 1, 2013


what = cosa ; qual = which :)

January 28, 2014


So why is "what" given as one of the possible translations of 'qual'? Grrr!

February 17, 2014


It depends on the context. If youre asking 'what is it?' then you would use cosa but due to the pecularites of italian you would use qual in certain questions where you would use 'what' in english such as asking 'what is your phone number which would be "qual e il tuo numero di telefono?". Its just something you have to remember. So i think in this instance "which is it?" would be the normal english translation without any context.

February 24, 2014


I'm also very confused.

February 19, 2014


What = che / which= quale / cosa = it/ (che/quale) cosa e?= what/which is it?

April 11, 2016


Thanks for the help!

March 28, 2019


"Which one" was considered an incorrect translation for "qual è"?

April 19, 2014


Why is: which one? not correct?

January 19, 2014


Then why Qual è una donna? What is a woman? Comolitely confused....

September 9, 2014


Quale means which one

February 20, 2015


Well go figure, I heard a 't'.

May 11, 2015


You're not alone in that. I heard a distinct 'quante'.

October 13, 2017


I agree. It definitely sounds like quante

March 21, 2018


I put [Which one?], isn't it the same kind as [Which one is it?] or [Which is it?]? Or would it be better if i was to put [which is?]? Maybe i missed something there, Italian and English is not my native language by the way. Please pardon my English. Thanks!

December 17, 2013


Someone changed the audio. Now it says "quante" instead of "qual è". Irritating to get the audio correct, but still fail because it's the wrong audio for the quiz. 12-May-2017

May 19, 2017


Should "Which one is she" be acceptable?

April 20, 2018


I put "which is it" and it wrong. Why?

September 20, 2017


What is the difference between quale and qual è?

February 6, 2018


i believe quale=singular, quali=plural and qual= is used when next word starts with a vowel

May 29, 2018


No: see my answer above

June 20, 2018


See my answer above

June 20, 2018


Which one not accepted

April 16, 2018


why is "which is it" wrong? Qual is which, non?

December 13, 2018


Quali? Or qual? Umm...

August 22, 2014


This is so hard.

March 29, 2015


Again again I can't add the accents

December 20, 2015


Hold your finger on the e if you are on a mobile and options come up.

May 24, 2016


Cos'è questo?

February 29, 2016


If qual and quale is the same, then what's the difference between them?

March 28, 2016


No audio?

January 31, 2018


Why not "which is he/she?

June 20, 2018


Because if it is about a person the word wouldn't be "qual"(which) but "chi"(who). It's the same as in English

January 1, 2019


Sound seems muffled.

July 13, 2018


Why does DL not accept "what is it" and yet gives "what and "which" as the hints. This is very frustrating DL.

October 18, 2018


I am italian and I hate to say that I learned by duolingo that qual è is without apostrophe.

October 20, 2018


Perché in 8 anni di scuola "obbligatoria", gli "insegnanti" non sanno insegnare la differenza fra troncamento (niente apostrofo) ed elisione (occorre l'apostrofo): per cui la colpa è loro, non sua.

October 20, 2018


Why is "which is?" wrong. If for example someone said "My shirt is in the dryer" you could ask "which is?" Doesn't this work in Italian as well? La mia camica è nell' asciugatrice. "Qual è?"

January 1, 2019


Paul. What exactly are you asking with "which is?" On its own, this doesn't really mean anything. "Qual è la tua domanda?"

January 1, 2019


I answered a question saying 'how do you say "what"' and "Qual" was the correct answer, although I thought "Cos'" would be an option, but wasn't. Can "Qual" be used as "what" in some cases?

March 4, 2019


Sorry to be a pest, but, this sentence is, "Qual e" so leave it alone as "Which is" adding "it" "that" or "this" adds a different spin to the phrase.

May 18, 2019


But if you don't put the "it", where is the (compulsory, in E.) subject?

May 19, 2019


Because, my Italian friends all say, "Cos'è questo" meaning, "Which is it?" or "Che cosa?" for "Che cos e?" for "What is it?" By just leaving "Qual e" it translates to "Which is" and that doesn't roll off the tongue quite right.

May 20, 2019


I was speaking about English, not about Italian. You can not translate word by word one language to another

May 20, 2019


OK, granted but in this case, you can. Cos e questo. There are more than just one way to say the same thing, but Cos e questo seems to be more used.

May 21, 2019
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