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"I have scissors and a pencil in the pencil case."

Translation:Eu am o foarfecă și un creion în penar.

July 18, 2017



Is Romania have two different words for scissors- one for a single pair of SCISSORS and another for many SCISSORS? The hint seemed to have different words, foarfecă and foarfece. I used foarfecă which was not accepted; I'm not sure if that is a mistake, or if I am missing something.


Most common, the word is "foarfecă - foarfeci" (scissors - multiple scissors), but some speakers use "foarfece - foarfece".


Should this actually be I have a scissor and a pencil? Of course in English scissors is always plural. It has two blades, you have a pair of scissors which is just one!


Foarfecă is a singular noun meaning the whole object scissors

The plural foarfeci is several pairs of scissors

There is also the word foarfece which also means scissors, which doesn't change in the plural.

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