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  5. "Korzi konot mījāeliot ilzi?"

"Korzi konot mījāeliot ilzi?"

Translation:Are there swords at that pawnshop?

July 18, 2017



I would not actually suggest asking whether the swords "were lying" in that pawnshop, but I was spanked earlier for translating ilagon simply as "to be" earlier, so some consistency would be nice. I have also learned always to translate the verb into the English present progressive, but I would suggest that other forms should also be acceptable. It's something that always comes up in beta and I have been reporting it. Indeed, the Valyrian team has been the quickest to approve suggestions that I have seen. Bravo (-a? -i? e?).


konot > kono, to accommodate the following <m>?


Yes. I'll be changing this sentence now. Sorry it took so long!

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