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"The calendar does not have February."

Translation:Cuốn lịch không có tháng hai.

July 18, 2017



Hm, cuốn lịch or cái lịch. DL accepts both , but ís it really correct?


I doubt anyone would say "cái lịch". I never see anyone using "cái" for paper-based object such as book or newspaper (cái sách or cái báo sound terribly awkward).


Hello Huy. Thx for the reply. You mentioned "paper" ..well why is it then quyen sách and not cuôn sách? My phone does not have the vietnamese accents.. plz dont mind the typo without the correct accents


Both are valid.


Hi! When do we use quyển sach and when do we use cuốn sach? Is there a difference in meaning?

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