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  5. new language, new life ^_^


new language, new life ^_^

learning a new language is living another life in a whole new world, if you know only one language you live only once .

p.s : do you know what a foreign accent is ? it's a sign of bravery

July 18, 2017



A foreign accent is also a sign of respect since you have gone into a different country not being ignorant and rude by just assuming everyone should speak English (or whatever your native language is).


yeah so true . a new language shows that you are interested in everything that belongs to that country ;)


You are right. You may even find love there because of the accent. ;) We all know we fall in love easier with people who have a nice foreign accent.


accent is everything in the language, if you learn it everything becomes easier ^^


I agree. It makes it easier for the natives to understand you, too. It's definitely an easy way to impress them, especially if the language is difficult. :)


totally ! i m learning german. the accent is hard but i m willing to improve it whatever it takes ))


You can master it! I know you can! Did you know some German before Duolingo? I did.


Foreign languages are dying off! New words are just being ripped from American English. It's really sad. I've even heard foreigners use idioms like "But in any case" and then proceed to speak in their language. I blame Hollywood!


German (native):

Hallo Bella,

here is some small German learning challenge for you:

Welche der beiden Sprachen gefällt Dir denn bisher besser?
In Französisch bist Du wohl schon etwas weiter. Kommst Du gut klar damit?

Jetzt bin ich aber schon etwas neugierig nach Deinem obigen Spruch:
Welche "Lebenswandlungen" bzw. "Lebensmotto" hast Du Dir denn vorgenommen, sobald Du Deutsch besser kannst? :-) :-)

Hast Du Aktivitäten außerhalb des Landes und Stadt mittel-bis langfristig geplant, wo Du gerade lebst?

English (no, please don't peak :)):

Hi Bella,

which one of both languages do you like more so far?
In French you even have progressed further a little bit. Do you get on well (only on Duo, also on other resources, classroom, etc.)?

But now I am a bit curious about your above saying:
Which "life changes" have you made your choice, what "life motto" do you set as soon as you are better in German and French?

Do you plan to do any activities outside of your country and city, where you are currently living for the mid-/long-term?
BTW: As I am not a native English speaker, I am almost sure you might find some EN errors. Well, I tried my best :-)


When i first got in duolingo i had only one goal in my head which is learning german, but then i found people speaking alot of different foreign languages, i thought i know french right !! i have studied it for a long time, why wouldn't i improve it more besides learning german. And about the future idk actually maybe i'll use german for having more opportunities in my job which i don't know even what will it be haha but for now i am just in love with the language. it's a bit of a challenge for me. i like the country i like the language so that's why i am studying it ❤️❤️❤️

P.S: thank u for the challenge and for the translating ✌️ ;)


Dein English ist sehr gut. Viel besser als mein Deutsch!


I was watching "The Secret Centre", a John Le Carre documentary (author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy). He was speaking in German and talking of the time spent as a spy in Germany. He said he was a refugee from him past and then quoted Charlemagne:

"To have another language is to possess a second soul." - Charlemagne


Renate21303, schon and schön are two different words.


Ich weiss. Aber ich finde nicht das umlaut.


You can download the German Keyboard layout on your PC.


Danke. Ich mach das.

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