"I was about to fall!"

Translation:Eu era să cad!

July 18, 2017

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why wouldn't it be "eram sa cad"? Doesn't "era" imply the third person?


Eu era să cad=I was about to fall Tu era să cazi=You were about to fall El/Ea era să cadă=He/She was about to fall Noi era să cădem=We were about to fall Voi era să cădeți=You were about to fall Ei/Ele erau să cadă=They were about to fall

The verb to be is at past simple. The only difference is at plural, third person, to make a difference between sigular and plural (in romanian the pronoun is sometime optional).

Only the verb to fall is being put in the right tense.

I hope what I said makes sense :)


Is the past here . :-)


Yes,Adriana,is the past here!


"To fall" se poate traduce in limba romana si ca "a pica" nu doar "a cadea"

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