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  5. "I was about to fall!"

"I was about to fall!"

Translation:Eu era să cad!

July 18, 2017



"To fall" se poate traduce in limba romana si ca "a pica" nu doar "a cadea"


why wouldn't it be "eram sa cad"? Doesn't "era" imply the third person?


Eu era să cad=I was about to fall Tu era să cazi=You were about to fall El/Ea era să cadă=He/She was about to fall Noi era să cădem=We were about to fall Voi era să cădeți=You were about to fall Ei/Ele erau să cadă=They were about to fall

The verb to be is at past simple. The only difference is at plural, third person, to make a difference between sigular and plural (in romanian the pronoun is sometime optional).

Only the verb to fall is being put in the right tense.

I hope what I said makes sense :)


Is the past here . :-)


Yes,Adriana,is the past here!

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