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Fix the discussions... It's been years

How many years has it been since we've been begging for a better system to search and sort discussions? I just came back after a year or two of a duolingo break to try out Japanese, and all I want to know is the progress regarding the web version of Japanese, yet I have no clue how to find that info on discussion. The need for a better search and classification system must be set up. How crazy is it that I had and still have to follow jigentore (and his replacements) to get the weekly progress. It's easier to click on their activity and click on their comments than to search in New. The need for a search system clutters the discussion. How many times does one have to tell New people to search before starting a thread that has been already started, when it's next to impossible for them to look for it. It's much easier to simply start a thread again, cluttering the system. If you want to revisit a thread you didn't comment on two weeks ago, good luck, because there is no way the search function will help you. Even when I type weekly report, I get one from November another from January. I'm not asking for a super sophisticated system, but I find it hard that an educational resource like duolingo is beaten to the ground by reddit in terms of organization for threads. For God's sake, my little brother shows me stuff from 9gag and even that site has a hot/trending/new distribution, as well as categories like games and movies that are updated and rotate. I love new features that duolingo is pushing like duolingo labs, but this is not a technical feature that has to be developed, it's a simple organization issue that users have complained for years that would drastically improve the quality and community aspect of duolingo. A

July 18, 2017



I absolutely agree that it could use some improvement. In the meantime, here are my workarounds:

  • I use google search to find discussions. Dulingo + whatever it is that I'm interested in finding. This works pretty well.

  • I use favorites. If I see a discussion, but don't have time to comment, I put it in favorites and that makes it easier to find later.

  • If new people ask about something that's been asked before (which happens pretty much every day), I sometimes do a google search and then post that link.


I've been using the Google workaround for years, but, I mean, this has been a consistent, vocal issue for years. What's the point of feedback if the community itself just finds way around issues, operating under the assumption that it'll never be fixed.


They are in the process of rewriting the Forums. Duolingo announced the new website about a month ago here:


I think that they expect to have Japanese on the web version by the end of the year, but I con't find the announcement.


p.s. As far as I know, there is no official word about when Japanese will make it to the web version, but the rumor is by the end of this year.


David you will be speechless that following jigentore (and his replacements) will not help you anymore, because the activity function stream has been stopped.

Now you have to read daily the new discussions, to find those weekly status reports.

If you miss a few days, those past postings might not be seeable anymore by you as scrolling (with no 25/50/100/200 side paging) is VERY limited to be working good.

I hope the DuoLingo team will NOT reinvent the wheel but just drop in a very powerful forum software with lots and lots of features, which we can use for "normal discussions".

I would probably have to throw my head at the wall each day if all (different) RC model flight forums from the US and DE would have those issues and limitations (and script hungs), as the (old) DuoLingo discussion forum has, just to be able read a view RC postings about interesting stuff in different grouped sub-forums and exchange with other hobby pilots.

For the "rest" (the course language sentence discussions) I am very open (like others) to use any proprietary self-written software. IMHO they could even use the same "old forum system" for sentences with no rewrite or do a quick rewrite with maybe only some enhancements.

However, fixing the words list "last practiced" field and words add and selection algorithm of weak words is IMHO much much much more important at this stage (focus on the core of the system) than to re-implement existing open source forum software, which is definitely NOT the core functionality of DuoLingo, and it would take ages to support all features other software already has.


For what it's worth, the existing search can help you locate the recent WIUs, but you have to know a bit more about what to look for. The following will find the 2017 update for week 28:

WIU && 2017 && 28

It may be more convenient to simply rely on our friendly marsupial's updates of the master index, which are done within hours of the WIU release: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22360462.

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