"Azantī belmurzi?"

Translation:Are they chaining the knights?

July 18, 2017



Is there a specific difference between this and "Do they chain the knights?" or is that a correct translation that just isn't accepted

July 18, 2017


I would say that it should be accepted. I'd report it

July 19, 2017


It's possible (but I'm not sure since we're all beginners at this stage) that a different verb tense might be used for this. "Are they chaining" is quite immediate and focused on the here and now, but "do they chain" could be understood as habit or possibility, so it's not too hard to conjecture that HV might have a different tense for it (aorist, perfect, etc.)... Curious stuff indeed! Hope someone with further knowledge might shed some light on the possibilities HV would have for saying this. All in all, cool language :)

June 15, 2018
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