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More than 5 languages on an Android keyboard

Hi all,

Partly because I want to learn Hebrew at some point, and partly because I have fat fingers and need auto-correct for each Latin-scripted language I know, do you guys have any suggestion on a keyboard that supports 5 or more languages?

GBoard doesn't like my phone and Samsung's keyboard caps it off at 4. I have a Galaxy S5 for the record.

Any pointers are appreciated! You can respond in EN/ES/IT/FR.

July 18, 2017



Swiftkey is a great app, I recommend that. You can simply swipe the space bar to switch keyboards, I used to use it when I gave Greek a brief attempt.

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Swype supports that many languages.


Thanks for your responses! I'm at 5 languages now, although I saw that Swiftkey stops after 5, and that Swype costs money, are there any others that support that many languages?


Hi, same problem here. Any alternative to SwiftKey? I love it but the 5 language limit is troublesome while learning languages especially but also with simple Google/Wikipedia/etc research.

I use 3, sometimes 4 languages on daily basis - googling, writing, chatting, then additional 2 or 3 languages for learning and more research. English doesn't have diacritics so it would be arguably possible to ditch it, but i use autocorrect full time (fingers, laziness, speed, many reasons).

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