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Duolingo Improvement Ideas!!!

[deactivated user]

    First of all I want to start off thanking Duolingo not only for being the only, totally, decent and free language learning app/website available to me, but also for helping me tremendously in my language learning journey, and doing a good job in teaching and spreading languages to countless amounts of individuals around the world in an enjoyable way. Thanks to them my pronunciation and fluency have improved significantly over time up to the point where people actually complement me in how native I sound. This wouldn't have happened if I had relied on foreign language classes "taught" in schools in my country, Spain, or at least in the schools that I've gone to. However, nothing is perfect so "voilĂ " a few things that Duolingo could upgrade on.

    1. STORE: It feels like lingots or gems are losing their value because of their uselessness in the store. There aren't a lot of things that you can buy in it. I don't even know how to fill my last bonus skill slot. So one thing that Duolingo could do is add even more bonus skills because when you finish the entire skill tree there are still plenty of things to learn about the language. E.g. Skills about slang, culture, regional dialects, how to order food at a restaurant, weather, tongue twisters, jokes or even insults! They could also add an avatar so you can buy clothes and accessories for it in the store. What about a special garment for each course! E.g. A Mexican sombrero for the Spanish course, a French beret for the French course, a kimono for the Japanese one..., who knows! What do you guys think about a pet owl that you have to feed by doing lesson on Duolingo (to keep people active) that you could also customize by buying things on the store as well.

    2. GROUP CHAT: To be honest bots are not enough for me when expressing myself in the language, there are a lot of limits to what you can say. However speaking to real people, like the members in my clubs only in my target language could give me that immersion that I'm looking for.

    3. NEW EXERCISES: Like watching a short conversation and answering questions about it to test your comprehension skills, or correcting a text...

    4. I would like them to have more people working on improving courses that are already made than making ones like Klingon or High Valyrian (don't even know what that is) before making way more useful courses like Chinese (aka the most spoken language by number of individuals) and Arabic (an extremely essential language as well). I don't know how Duolingo development works but still!

    I know this may be too much to ask for but I'm sure that it will make Duolingo a bigger thing. So if you agree with these ideas and would like to see them, you can rate this post up so it can spread widely and hopefully reach the Duolingo team. I would also like to hear from you guys so leave your comments below!!!

    July 18, 2017



    Yeaah!! I totally agree with you! :) Let's make this KNOWN!


    Excellent ideas. Thank you.


    I agree. Thanks for taking the time to post this!


    I totally agree with you too!


    Great ideas.

    About the last bonus skill: It is the Christmas skill which is only available during Christmas period. It has been available every year so far (once bought, it is permanent though).


    I would like Duo to extend the trees so that we have a lot more material - up to at least 5,000 words - and include a lot more translation into the language we are learning.

    At present the problem faced by anyone wanting to extend a course is that when they set a sentence to translate there are often numerous possible correct answers, and the more words and grammar the learner knows the more possible answers have to be offered as alternatives. I believe that this problem is the main reason why Duo does not offer advanced trees.

    I have thought of a way in which every sentence could only have one correct translation. A question which asks us to translate a sentence should follow the example of crossword clues and tell us how many letters each word of the answer has. So for example:

    Question: Translate into Spanish, "We do not want you to leave" (2,8,3,5,2,4) Answer: "No queremos que usted se vaya."

    Sometimes there would be the need to allow alternatives (such as ellos/ellas), but generally only one correct translation would fit the pattern.

    I believe that this would greatly simplify the production of intermediate and advanced language trees.

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