200 days!

200 days on Duolingo! I can't believe it! The pursuit of learning languages has really changed my life for the better. Speaking as someone who is home bound due to medical issues a good majority of the time, I didn't really have a lot going for me in life before I came across Duo. I would like to thank Duo for igniting a love of learning languages that has helped me feel like a full human again.

Grazie and Спасибо!

July 18, 2017


Congratulations on your achievement! I hope to be able to mirror that someday:)

Great job! It takes a dedicated learner to pull off such things

Complimenti studentessa, questa è una buona storia! Ti auguro buoni studi d'ora in poi. And congrats by his studies in Russian, I think so complicated this language for me :)

You genius ! Come on and tell us your story with languages.

If I try to tell my story with languages, I would write some pages! Hahaha, bonnes études pour toi :)

Write books and I will read them

Congratulations! Keeping a streak for two hundred days is hard work!

Thank you e grazie a tutti! Here's to 200 more!


When you make it to 300 you can apply for the streak hall of fame here.


I really like your photo pic.

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