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timed practice

Why did I buy timed practice but nothing happened?

July 18, 2017



That can be confusing! It is not in a separate area, it appears as an option when you go to strengthen a skill.

Timed Practice

It is not an option when you are doing lessons for the first time, only when you are strengthening skills. Also, it is not an option on DuoLingo for IOS.


Thank you, but I do use what you have shown above. If you to the Lingot Store, there is Timed Practice listed. It is a practice session which takes about 20 minutes to complete and covers a range of topics. I used to do it every couple of weeks, but I can no longer access it. I use a laptop computer.


Ahhh, you are thinking about the progress quiz which they used to have available for certain languages! Many of us miss those! That was where you could purchase a comprehensive quiz for something like 25 lingots and you would get a comprehensive quiz that resulted in a numerical rating.

The progress quiz was removed and so was the option to purchase it. There is only the option to purchase Timed Practice now and that is totally different.

Hopefully they will bring back the progress quiz or something like it, but don't hold your breath!


as my mom used to say aspette


You are describing the Progress Quiz which is no longer available and you should not be able to buy it anymore.


You mean this? :P

* 2017-07-19 - Update *
Thought I'd try out the Progress Quiz again tonight, to see whether it's still working. ^^


That's what we're all talking about! I heard somebody reference the Japanese store for the DuoLingo tracksuit still being sold as well but I'm not sure if it was English to Japanese or Japanese to English. Interesting that they would still have it available in one or more languages yet remove it from others!


That is interesting. Duo said that all of the users have been transitioned to the new site.


Thank you for the feedback. Now I understand what's going on and I'm not the only one with the problem. I found it useful and enjoyed having something different to do, apart from the regular practice.


How are you able to get Japanese on the web version of Duolingo?

I am signed-up for Japanese using the Android App, and I don't have access to the Progress quiz. I can't access the Japanese course at all using my web browser.


The Japanese course isn't released officially on web yet. Nor have we been given any indication that it will be coming any time soon either. The best we've been told about it is still the vague thing Luis said on the iOS launch day two whole months ago— "Japanese should be available on Web at some point this year"...

Luckily, however, it's been possible to access the Japanese course on web for the last few months via a trick. Of course, it's not exactly designed to be used on web right now and has a few problems (lacks teaching of individual characters), but it is still pretty decent:


Also, because it's not officially released, it's still using the old site code. This is the reason why the Progress Quiz is still available for purchase and it even still works too! ^^


I paid 10 lingots and nothing happened


You should have gotten the option to do a timed practice when you review topics. Did that not happen?


yes I tried that thankyou


Time practice is only for strengthening skills you have already completed.


I expect this refers to the 'timed practice' in the Lingot Store. I have had the same problem since the recent changes on the site. I can still do the times practice when reviewing individual topics.


guess that is what it is I can do it now.


This just happened to me as well. Where is the timed practice????


Thankyou to everyone who left a comment. I now know how it works so I am doing it when I practice every day Gracia

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