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What is the difference between моя моё мои

All those mean my, but i'm not sure the situation on when to use what.

July 18, 2017



Nearly all adjectives agree in gender & number with the noun they modify, and that includes мой which in the nominative case has 4 forms:

  • мой for singular masculine nouns: мой город

  • моя for singular feminine nouns: моя кошка

  • моё for singular neuter nouns: моё яйцо

  • мои for all plural nouns: мои города / мои кошки / мои яйца

Adjectives also agree in case: for instance, моя кошка in the accusative is мою кошку


A minor correction: «мой» is a possessive pronoun, not an adjective, even though they share some properties.


Awesome, now it makes sense. so it's all depending on noun it follows


Мой - masculine Моя - feminine Моё - neuter Мои - plural

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