"kirine taoba"

Translation:a happy boy

July 18, 2017

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Just curious as to why it's incorrect to say "The boy is pleased" which is how I read it after seeing the individual word translations. I'd love some clarification to make sure I'm using the language correctly :)


"The boy is pleased" I believe would be "taoba kirine issa". Since there is no issa and kirine comes before taoba its "the happy boy"


Well, I have a theory. A happy boy and a pleased boy are two different things. For instance, a happy boy is a boy who is carefree and happy, or something like that, not for any reason in particular. A pleased boy is a boy who is pleased because something has happened.


Well the main reason is that this word kirine is used as a before-noun adjective, whereas pleased in your sentence, it´s after the word. In some languages, those are different shrug


What is this language???

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