I have problems with hebrew course

I started learning hebrew, but I encountered some problems on the beginning of the course (learning letters):

  1. How to type in hebrew? Do I have to install a new keyboard settings or maybe there's an option in the duolingo application?
  2. There is some of audio missing. Some words are spoken only in sentences, so I can only guess the meaning and pronunciation.

So, if I cannot hear how the word sound and I cannot write anything in hebrew, how can I learn anything? Or maybe I do smth wrong and all I have to do is change some settings or smth?

cheers, Lucas

July 18, 2017


These topics are treated in the tips and notes and in the fixed threads here in the Hebrew forums. You can check them for further information. Regarding number (1), read this thread:

If you also want to learn how to write Hebrew by hand, you will need to learn the handwritten script. It's exemplified here:

Regarding number (2), since the Hebrew course was developed with recorded audio and Duo's staff did not approve the solutions first suggested by the course contributors, it was not possible yet to cover everything in audio. Whether this changes or not in the future, however, for new words and other content that was not recorded, you can currently use Mazzorano's vocabulary course in Memrise ( and Forvo.

July 19, 2017

I can answer your first question.

  1. You can change your keyboard input language on Windows, Mac and Linux as well as on Android and iOS. On desktop you can use the onscreen keyboard (osk) to see the keyboard layout. There is no need to install anything.

You can learn the Hebrew script with and/or

Make sure to hand-write it as well. The more you practice the better you will be. Learning it in one hour is possible, mastering it takes time, deliberation and practice.

July 18, 2017
  1. You will need to install a hebrew keyboard on your device. This is easy, two or three steps for most devices.

  2. I hope that more audio will be added to the Hebrew Course. I am a beginner, like you, and without audio I can't guess the pronunciation.

July 18, 2017
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