"one, two, three, four, five"

Translation:unu, doi, trei, patru, cinci

July 19, 2017

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Why was two doua when counting 5 to 1


Yes, that confuses me too. When am I supposed to use "unu" or "una" and "doi" or "două" while counting?


Unu and una are used without a noun (it's similar to 'this one' in English - like, you don't have to name the thing itself, you can just say unu/una), unu for masculin and una for feminin. As for the rest - un and doi are one and two for masculin nouns, o and două are one and two for feminin nouns. Probably not relevant for you now, but maybe will be for others.


I wrote "un, doi, ..." instead of "unu, doi, ..." and Duolingo corrected with "una, doi, ..."

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