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This is final

So I've decided to spend the rest of my life committed to only four languages. I'm of course learning German and Spanish and so my next pair will be American Sign Language and Ojibway. I will not pursue any other languages now unless, say, I move to a country not covered by these listed here or if love brings me together with someone that speaks a whole new language. I will develop my understanding of the dialects so that I can have full mastery over all the forms my chosen languages take. That goes for different forms of English as well, my native language. I encourage anyone reading this to also pursue their goals to completion and not give up. I've set the final plan and will only follow this from here. Happy learning!

July 19, 2017



Initially, I joined Duolingo and had planned to learn the French language with hopes of reaching proficiency by starting the French for English speakers skill tree and its reverse course. Expecting Duolingo to have a Faroese course, I instead decided to learn French, since I had already had previous experience with the language.

Swedish is a language I'm not familiar with at all, and I find it as one of the most beautiful languages I've ever sampled. The sounds, accent, and melody are very pleasant and enjoyable, and speaking Swedish feels a bit pleasing for me. Pursuing another Scandinavian language won't be as difficult after having experience with Swedish.

My plan is to pursue learning Esperanto in the next year or two, since I've found it fascinating and neat since I found it existed. Constructed languages have always seemed a bit neat to me, and Esperanto would be pleasant language (it's not very difficult to learn and the grammar is pretty straightforward) to learn at some point.

My initial plan (to learn Faroese with Duolingo) clearly wasn't pursued, since there is no Faroese course offered yet. Surely, there will be more fascinating languages to come on Duolingo!


I wish you success in your pursuits of your languages! :) You know, memrise.com is a good website for language learning and could help you build your vocabulary in your languages (Faroese is one of them).


I have started using Memrise, and I agree, it's good for memorizing vocabulary! Good luck for whichever languages you decide to pursue! :D


Good on you for narrowing down on what you really want to do - that's something that I have never done and wish I had! Although all of the languages on Duolingo are an interesting puzzle to put together, I do feel that if I narrowed down a bit more I would get a lot further in my chosen languages. Good luck with your language learning endeavours!


Thank you! I hope that you find what you want to do with your languages.


Zoebells and Alice9838 I can't see your comments for some reason. :(

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