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Basic French

Hey guys, my fluent-French speaking Aunt is coming to visit next Friday, and I want to learn some basic French to greet her, ask how she's doing, etc. If anybody has a list of polite greeting/question/answers for French, please comment below! If somebody could add out how they are pronounced too, I'd be even happier! I always have trouble pronouncing stuff in French. Thanks <3

(Any polite Spanish greeting/question/answers are also welcomed! My aunt is Mexican and is also fluent in Spanish but she speaks more French then she does Spanish.)

July 19, 2017



Bonjour ma jolie tante, comment ça va? Je suis bien aujourd'hui. (There are maybe errors here, I'm not very good at French, so I apologize in advance)

In English: Hello my lovely aunt, how are you? I am fine today.


Ah! Thank you! This is very helpful, I really appreciate it :)


Salut tante! Comment ça va aujourd'hui ? Tu as faim? Tu veux manger? Je peux prépare quelque chose pour toi manger.

: hello Aung! How are you today? Are you hungry? Do you want to eat? I can prepare something for you to eat

[deactivated user]

    Je peux préparer*

    In this sentence it's better to use "tata" instead of "tante". Using "tante" sounds like you are a aristocratic family.


    Je peux t'aider a plus !


    And thank you for the correction c:

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