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Meine Deutsche Reise (My German Journey)

Hi everybody! My name is Luci, and I'm going to be sharing my journey into German, my second langauge (that i'm still learning)! When I was 8, my grandmother taught my brother and I that in Germany, when someone sneezes, you say "Gesundheit" and then you can start a conversation with that person if they respond. My brother and I have been doing that almost religiously ever since. My father and grandmother had been trying to get me to go to Waldsee, a German immersion camp for a few years. I finally decided it was time at the age of 12. I packed up my bags, and thought I was prepared. But, nothing would've prepared me for the way that Waldsee would change me over the course of the 2 weeks I stayed there. I learned basic German "Hallo, Ich heisse Luci. Ich komme aus Minnesota. Wie heisst du?" and met some of my very best friends today. I had done a bit of Duolingo before that to try and prepare myself, but again, it's hard to learn a language just on your phone. It was much more helpful to immerse myself in that. I learned more in that 2 weeks than I think I did over the course of that past school year. I neglected my German after that. My dad said he would practice German with me, but we never did. I decided to go back to Waldsee. By the time I got there, I had forgotten most of what I had learned that first year. But, that first year laid the basics for my second and now I remember the German that I learned the second year much better. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, I was not able to return to Waldsee this year. Next year, though. In the mean time, I've chosen to return to Duolingo. The percent fluent thing says that I'm 26% there (even though I probably know more because Duolingo's program hasn't covered everything I know because I went to Waldsee), which is pretty good for someone who's spent a month in total at a German summer camp with sporadic Duolingo use. I've also been using this app called Tandem, where you can chat with people who are fluent in German and they can help you learn German, and you, being a fluent English speaker, can help them learn English. You can figure things out together, and it's really helpful to speak with a native speaker. I've also been watching the German version of the Office, called Stromberg. It's not too hard to grasp what's going on. I can catch some words, but they talk pretty fast. Hopefully, with time I'll be able to understand what's going on better. Since I'm still pretty young, it's easier for me to learn languages, I've been told. I want to become fluent in German by the time I graduate high school. I'm working really hard, and I still will in the future. I will reach my goal, and I'm excited for when I will.

July 19, 2017



The website version of duolingo has more explanations and details than the phone app version


Sounds great! Keep it up!


Hallo :) I'm learning German too


Side note: add me as your friend! I'll add you back and we can work on our German together!

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