no sound

I have been using duolingo for a few months with no problems. Yesterday the sound stopped working. It works every other way on my computer. I refreshed - no change. I turned off computer and turned it back on - still doesn't work. I can't complete a lesson without it because I can't hear 'listen and type'. Any suggestions? Regsur

March 7, 2013


Can you try updating Flash and reloading the page? Take a look at the browsers extensions you have, and make sure none of them are blocking Flash (look for an extension called Flashblock).

Also, can you click on the following link, and let me know what it says?

to kristinmec: Thanks for getting back to me. I clicked on the link and 'soundmanager 2 startup said - 'Fail', the next two were OK, and JS -> flash said 'error'. I tried to send it to you via discussion and when I tried to send it, it just froze up on me. I shut off the comp and turned it back on and the sound worked. Re: your first suggestion,I tried to do that and it told me that I would have to close MSN. MSN is my home page and if i close that I would have nothing. But all seems to be working fine now and i thank you for your help. Regsur

Sound Manager 2 start-up says FAIL. There is an error in Flash SWF for me. Please Help.

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