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  5. "Please open that door."

"Please open that door."


July 19, 2017



I cannot figure out when to use を and when to use は for these sentences. In some questions, Duo allows me to use は when talking about opening or closing things. But with "this door" I have to use を. I don't understand why though.


Why is it 開けて instead of 開いて? The list of suggestions had the latter listed first.


They are different verbs
開ける akeru (to open - transitive) is an ichidan verb, so to make the -te form the final る is dropped and て is added to make 開けて akete

開くaku (to open - intransitive) is a godan verb ending in くso the く is dropped and いて is added to make 開いて aite
and then there's also hiraku 開く which conjugates the same as aku and is both used for transitive and intransitive with a slightly different nuance
When to use each 'to open' verb: http://nihognodaybydayenglish.blogspot.com/2011/03/aku-hiraku.html


Is there a reason why duolingo specifically uses は after ドア in other sentences, such as "please open the door slowly" and more, but it doesn't even accept は here?


Why ドア instead of 扉 ?

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