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Floating an Idea for a Cooking Series

[deactivated user]

    I have seen more than one person go on the forums and ask for a cooking course in their language of choice, and each time it is little more than brushed off by people bringing up "Foods" and "Household Objects." All of the things that I learned in Culinary School, the only ones I could articulate in French are the things that are already in French like a roux or a julienne. From time to time I tried to stumble through a recipe and I was using a lot of Google Translate, but for the verbs not the ingredients.

    I would like to do a once every now and then cooking vlog where I stumble through a recipe in any language on my learning list, as long as the ingredients are not too hard to obtain. Very little is too gross to me, I am Cajun; half the meats I've had sound like a trip to the zoo for most Americans, but some things are rare or expensive here.

    I plan to translate on screen, be legit about when I have to look things up, be honest about the things I mess up, and share anything I learn about the culture while I do this. You would be amazed what you can learn about a country's people by cooking their food. And since I am only really great in French, as entertaining as it would be to watch me trudge through a recipe in Turkish, I would love to get anybody else who wants to do this involved. I want to know what kind of interest people would have as this is the primary place I would put it and it is FOR all those people who want to learn to cook in other languages out on the forum.

    July 19, 2017



    I think that's a great idea!!

    It would be interesting if you could give tips on where you find recipes in foreign languages (i.e. what search terms you use on the Internet, or where you can find cook books in other languages).

    Then discussions about what words confused you at first, and why, and how you figured out what they meant...

    I think it's a very cool idea for a language/cooking vlog.

    [deactivated user]

      What I usually do is find people from that area and ask a question like, "What does your mother make for a special occasion?" then google that followed by the word "recipe" in whatever language it is.


      At various times in the forums there have been user-built bonus lessons for specific languages, specialized things like cooking. I keep thinking about putting together for the hardware store, like hammers, nails, lawnmowers and such, for Spanish students.

      [deactivated user]

        That would be awesome and very useful for people who do things like mission trips!


        I love this idea!


        That's a great idea!


        What kind of involvement do you need? I was preparing a similar plan (mine was strictly in Japanese), so I can help you find Japanese recipes if you want.

        [deactivated user]

          If you could just do what you were planning to do with Japanese, that would be all the help I need since all I am wanting is for people to know the joy of preparing a lovely dish in a language they worried they would never get to use.

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