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Duolingo Stories Update

UPDATE - 8/15/17 - Duolingo Stories have been updated with yet another batch! We hope you enjoy them :)

It’s here: A second batch of Duolingo Stories (still Spanish and Portuguese only) has been released today! There are also some minor tweaks to the experience itself. See if you can notice an improvement.

We really appreciate all the feedback coming in. The pop up requesting feedback will now only show up for some of you. If you don’t see it, please use one of the two links below to submit your reviews. All feedback is useful: story content, recordings, experience, bugs, ideas… all of it! Here are the links:

Submit Portuguese Stories Feedback
Submit Spanish Stories Feedback

Common feedback we have received from you:

1. You should release it in French/German/Russian/The language I am learning!

We would love to! As is likely with any project in Labs, there is a tiny but mighty team behind it, and the staff involved use the resources available to them to test a concept. So it is safe to assume that the plan is to just keep polishing it in Spanish and Portuguese to see if Stories is successful in its goals. If it is, it could launch as a full-on feature and then expand to other languages. Also, in addition to spending resources in an experiment, the more languages we add at this stage, the more work (and time) it would take to refine it. These requests are a great sign to us though—shows us that you are excited about the feature and can’t wait to use it. =]

2. Why Portuguese and Spanish though?

A prototype cannot be too picky. Those were the resources available to the team working on Stories when developing it.

3. You should give us XP for completing these

Agreed! That is more likely to happen as the project matures, and not in this initial stage.

4. Your voices should be native speakers

These are all native speakers of either Spanish or Portuguese. And 100% amateurs at any type of voice acting, guaranteed (most of us just have different jobs here at Duolingo). But we believe the recordings are getting better. Please check out this newest batch and let us know if you hear an improvement.

5. You should make different levels of difficulty/serialized stories/etc

These ideas are sensational and not completely different from what we have been discussing over here. Keep sharing them in the comments or in one of the feedback forms linked above!

6. But when will it graduate?

Remember: We are not even sure if it will graduate yet. Once we know that, we will have a better estimate! But it could just not graduate for one reason or another, and be removed from Labs. Fingers crossed it will graduate top of its class with honors.

TL;DR: More Stories are available (still Portuguese and Spanish). We understand you would like it in more languages and earn XP for it. What else can you tell us about it? Submit your feedback to us, and vote on comments below if you want to add weight to a suggestion.

Thanks for checking out Stories and sending us all that feedback! We’ll continue to work on it and keep you posted.

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July 19, 2017



I love the idea of stories. I am learning German and one of my favorite methods for learning is through easy stories. When I saw this feature appear in the Labs, I was very excited for it. Unfortunately, I am not currently studying Spanish or Portuguese, so I can't offer any feedback on the work that is done so far, other than I am really excited for it.

Keep it up and I look forward to this feature graduating out of Labs and expanding to other languages (German, Esperanto).


Excellent news! I'm glad that DuoLingo is working on another context-dependent method of language learning now that we are forced to go on without Immersion.


Please, please, PLEASE allow us to unlock the second set without getting three stars in each of the stories in the first set. For people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing (or who simply lack a computer with speakers), there's no way to get three stars in some stories because we're asked to type words we cannot hear. I guess it would be possible to guess randomly, be marked wrong, write down the correct answers, then go through each story a second time typing what was learned during the first attempt, but that feels like a waste of time because it doesn't involve any actual learning.


Perhaps at the beginning of each story the team could add a "can't listen now" button to press for those with this issue! There's already a "can't speak now" button for exercises on mobile, so it's not an entirely new concept on Duolingo.


Did you try the stories more than once? That's what I did. The first time I didn't know some of the answers, but the second or third time it was easier - then I got 3 stars! And yes, you're learning the collocations and the new vocabulary!


I haven't yet repeated the ones that were heavy on listening and typing what was heard, but I guess I'll have to soon because I would really like to try the new stories.


Thank you for this second set of Stories!


UPDATE - 8/15/17 - Duolingo Stories have been updated with yet another batch! We hope you enjoy them :)


Hi HelpfulDuo, do you may inform when it will be available Duolingo Stories for English learnings?


Just a friendly reminder:

It would be better if you always could additionally create new threads e.g "Duo Labs stories update # set 3 available", which can be actually seen by users and filtered with the "NEW posts" discussion option, or which thread can be made STICKY in the relevant Portuguese / Spanish sub-forums.

With a very long "stories update" thread like this, and many many user replies, it often is not very clever to try to follow a discussion.
If you do, your e-mail inbox get's spammed with all user replies, which probably noone has time or interest to read through, besides staff scanning for concrete suggestions / user feedback.

So I don't do this.
Therefore I simply would have missed stories set #3, if my other sets would have already been finished (I have not yet finished my DuoLingo Portuguese tree).


In the second batch, I've noticed some sound issues. I'm not sure if it's a problem on my side or if it's a global issue.


For those of us who aren't studying Spanish or Portuguese would you be willing to give us back the quizzes (or even just access to our previous quiz scores) to make up for not having access to stories? Obviously I know that there are many other resources out there for learning French other than just Duolingo, which I do use. But I would like to continue learning in Duolingo, though.


It's interesting that Duolingo provides English tests, but not tests for other languages. Duolingo seems to be supporting the English takeover of the world, which must be stopped.


hahahaha jajajajaja jejejejeje jijijijiji


YES! I'm learning Dutch, and I REALLY miss the progress quiz, because I am the only person I know who is learning Dutch, so I can't be told how well I'm doing or not. I hope the quizzes do come back soon, because it looks like they won't be adding more languages to the stories for a while now :(


I think is cool, I already finished Duolingo stories and the stories are good enough to be the firsts ones. but I think the next lvls must be more like pieces of the same book. well, at least it's your decision. Duolingo stories is a good idea.


That's a good idea. Have the stories continue on. Like short chapters to make them more difficult and cause us to listen more.


The stories are great! The issue is how to produce enough of them. And here's an idea - could you crowdsource content? i.e. Have users submit novel stories and give them props for doing so? Perhaps just the plot for the story if you need to control quality for the audio?

Overall, I really like the addition of "immersive reading comprehension" to Duolingo. It's much better than learning through constantly translating from (in my case) Spanish to English. Thanks for the work on this!


I can't see the story. Because i not learning Portuguese and Spanish courses?


Oh, good point! At the moment, your Duolingo interface needs to be in English for you to be able to see the Labs link on the blue bar.


I click on the "stories" boxes and I only hear the title of the story, then silence...that's it! Nothing else; just a blank screen


There should be an arrow to click at the bottom of the screen to continue. It would be great if we could press Enter, too.


You can see it. Just go to labs and then click on stories.


This is a really awesome feature! Waiting for upcoming languages. Finally something for advanced speakers! Really cool.


Thank you for this. These new stories seem to be a little more challenging to me (I am advanced), and still very enjoyable. I really do like this tentative feature, and hope it becomes permanent and mainstream.


Yay! I love testing the stories in Spanish. Great idea Duolingo! I hope Duolingo Stories will graduate from Labs!


Gracias! I've only completed two stories so far (in Spanish), but looking forward to reading the rest of them! I hope you keep the Duo Stories and it graduates from Labs!


At what tree level would you recommend trying out Stories? I'm currently in the Science and Subjunctive/Imperative level of the Spanish tree, and I'm still unfamiliar with some of the vocabulary from the stories.


I'm really surprised that people mention the vocabulary so often. It really doesn't matter, when you learn a language you never know all the vocabulary. I've been leaving and working in English speaking countries for years, but there are still some words which I don't know. Don't you think it would be odd, if I said - oh, I got an email from my coworker, there are some new words, then it means it's not my level yet. What should I do next? Resign? No, I should just open a DICTIONARY, right?

The lack of vocabulary should never stop you from reading or listening anything. Anything at all. Because that's the way to learn new words.

And the level of difficulty is better assessed by the grammar used. If you only use Duolingo to learn a language (which I would not recommend), then the stories are probably better to be left until you complete the tree. If, however, you study some grammar on your own, then you should just probe with the stories from time to time to see how difficult they are and how you could manage. As I wrote above, I don't know any Spanish and I was able to complete the first story without any mistakes, just using my knowledge of English and some French. So only you personally can say if they are hard or easy for you.


I have had other native English speakers query (correct!) vocab in my reports written in English. I had to explain the "get a dictionary" approach to them :o( <sigh>

Life is a journey of learning.


I started reading the Spanish stories before starting the course ( I wasn't planning to learn Spanish, but I wanted to see how the stories worked.). I didn't discover the hover feature until Story 4, so getting 2 stars in the first story and 3 in the second seemed pretty good to me. I learnt French, Latin and Italian in the past, so I could have a good guess at most of the vocab.

I think that reading and listening to stories (fictional or news!) are a really important way to improve language learning. I know my reading Welsh books (written for adult learners - I loathe early years children's books because I loathed them as a child) above my level has meant I've got a strong base for my language and have progressed faster than many of my cohort.

Please, bitte, per favore, os gwelwch chi'n dda, plis keep this feature and extend it to other languages. It is one of the strongest ways to learn to use a language - second only to having a conversation IMHO.


I really wish there would be German added to the stories, since Spanish and Portuguese are very similar languages. Or French! But I know these probably take a long time to make!


OK on my laptop and tablet, but on phone and small tablet, the Spanish is "out of sync" at times in the audio sections - - like instead of

"Hola, Como esta usted"

I get something like

"mo esta usted hola Co"

which is difficult to complete some sections. Not consistent, does not happen all the time.

!Gracias, muchisimas gracias amigos!


I'm having this same problem.


you know, you guys can do a "choose your adventure" set of stories in which there is diffrent outcomes based on the choices you make, this will help, as someone else put it, the "re-usability" of the stories because there is always a diffrent ending.


but that's too much additional work - writing, voicing and so on.


yes, but if you focus not on quantity, but quality of these stories with multiple paths, then you can make less of them and do just half the regular amount, or you can make a separate section with a few of these, just to try, and see how well they do. You only fail if you nevery try.


Having played with the original "choose your adventure" books in the 80s, they could, in the long term, be a good time & effort investment. One of the books (I still have them) is the length of a short novel, but there are millions of possible combinations of stories, so it's life span will be (practically) infinite since a user will keep coming back for more. Maybe a deal with the guys who wrote the original? And release it for those learning English, so the work is in adding starting language prompts? And they may already have been translated into other languages so it becomes a text entry issue, rather than a language issue. I know it's a large amount of upfront work, but it gives a learning resource with a long lifespan.

Sorry, I can't help looking for alternative solutions to "can't do" statements!!

And I'm sure someone would complain if it was the same adventure in all languages!!! I, however, would find that useful - direct comparison of chunks of text between several languages...heaven.

Back to reality: the Stories are a fab resource. Just getting what you have in Spanish and Portugese into the other languages would be amazing (then we'll ask for more...)


An idea: I was must looking at Beelinguapp, which, like Duolingo stories is much closer to "immersion" than many apps. With regard to kids, I tried Beelinguapp with my 8yo, a beginner. While Beelinguapp has a beginner level, the stories are still pretty hard and the onus is on the learner to stop the program to interact with it so he lost interest pretty fast. Whereas Duolingo stories makes you engage which keeps the attention. The downside is the stories are too hard for my kids. The ten year old who just knows a few words did a few duolingo stories, but only with me, he couldn't do it alone. Their preferred apps just now are Memrise and Flash Academy. They have reacted well though in other apps to features where when you speak it gives you a percentage score on pronunciation accuracy (in e.g. Flash Academy). It occurred to me that were there an app with stories suitable for beginners which (possibly) checked comprehension like Duolingo Stories and which also engaged the learner in pronunciation using this % accuracy feature, it would combine the value of immersive learning as well as getting the person hearing the native language and copying it in speech with a gauge of how accurately they are doing. There would have to be something like visual feedback too showing pronunciation accuracy over the portion of the spoken sentence. E.g. "Il était une fois": "il était" was high accuracy while "une" was lower, resulting in say 90% accuracy overall. By the way, if anyone knows already of such an app, please say!


It is not exactly what you asked for (it is for older beginners, and does not test pronunciation) but I remembered seeing some video adventures the BBC made some years ago. Unfortunately they abandoned and archived them, and I'm not even sure if you can watch them from outside the UK, but here are the links anyway -

For Spanish: http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish/mividaloca/

For Italian: http:www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/lamappa


Try tiny cards as well. This is a Duolingo, Math, anything your want website, and you can choose what languages you want to do. It is very helpful.


Can you have the same level stories read with no words and have questions asked verbally so we can listen without the words and try and interpret what is happening?


Great!!! I'll use it.


On the new stories there seemed to be more vocabulary that was not taught on duolingo ( or quite possibly that I just did not notice being taught ) which was confusing but overall helped expand vocabulary past the limits of the Spanish course on here, I think it would be cool to either before or more likely after the story have a small vocabulary list that contains words that were not taught in the course or the most advanced words in the story.

As an example the use of 'acabo de' + infinitive to mean 'I have just..' This was a tense that I was previous unaware of so it is good that I got to encounter it however a short explanation would have been helpful.


Yes, I just completed three new stories (in Portuguese) and there were several new words for me (several words that I think I didn't see in the three Portuguese trees that I have completed so far).

I really hope they make more stories and in many more languages soon, it is a great way to learn and practice languages.


Acabar de is covered. It's not really its own tense so it doesn't have its own skill but you should've encountered it if you have finished the tree.


Ah yh I guess that was just one that I just didn't remember, I know it's not really a tense but what would you call those, ones like volver a and acabar de ?


They are called verb phrases (locuciones verbales; locuções verbais), also known as compound nominal verb forms (formas verbales nominales compuestas; formas verbais nominais compostas), being formed by an auxiliary verb + a nominal verb form. Those you mentioned are infinitive phrases, but, in Romance grammar, there also exist gerund and participle phrases. Incidentally, in most Romance languages, one of the most common ways of expressing the passive voice is by employing a participle phrase. In Portuguese, we call this the analytical passive voice (in Spanish it's called voz pasiva de proceso [con ser] or voz pasiva de estado [con estar]), in contrast to the synthetic passive voice (in Spanish known as voz pasiva refleja), formed by the use of a passivating particle, "se". In Spanish, when a verb phrase is formed by the verb haber + participle (or, in Portuguese, by ter or haver + participle), it can also be called a compound tense, and there is a series of different compound tenses in both languages (here are two pages about them, in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively: [http://www.gramaticas.net/2012/06/ejemplos-de-tiempos-compuestos.html] ; [http://www.soportugues.com.br/secoes/morf/morf66.php]). I hope my explanation was helpful and understandable.


An important thing with reading or listening to a longer text is to learn to guess the meaning of parts you don't know. Is it a noun or adjective? A thing, an action? positive or negative? When you hear or read it the next time, you might be able to figure out more about it. First time through, just try to get the gist of the story. (But I have a time missed a gender or a negative, for example, and completely missed it the first or second time through!)



Story-telling :-

      • Such a way to learn
      • as we communicate
      • Parlance the day
      • talk and listen
      • Away from tech
      • we share a story




So will you have to go through the number 1 set to be able to unlock the number 2 set? I hope you will leave the number 1 set to review at any time and also number 2 set once completed. Thanks for information of clicking on the word to get the definition. This really helps. Keep up the good work.


Sorry if someone already talked about that. I think you should consider "re-usability" of the stories. I tried them and they are interesting, but given the format I would only work with each story once, twice at the very most. Because you're forced to repeat all the same exercises, which you'll learn how to answer right away.

It would be much better if there were ways to work differently with the same story. For instance simply listen the entire dialog from the beginning to the the end without stop. Or read the entire text. Or be given some random exercises on forms or word order. Or practising translation of the text similar to what we had in Immersion. Or being able to add some words to your own tiny cards or maybe see some verb conjugation tables. Or participate in a discussion of the story. Or read some explanation about the grammar used.

Writing a story and recording sound for it takes a lot of effort, so it only makes sense to add more ways to interact with each story. I'm sure that incubator volunteers will be happy to work with these stories and create some assignments around them.


This is genius! Make it so that every time you do the story it gives you different questions to answer. I would love that! What a great Idea!!


I like a lot of your ideas. I especially agree with the ability to be able to listen to the entire story without stopping. It's more challenging to keep comprehension going when there isn't a long pause in between each sentence.


I've suggested it a couple of times but I think it would be cool to do a "choose your own adventure" format. Then there would be replay value because you can learn new vocab and get new endings.


I think it is an excellent idea but the execution is quite difficult. Especially since not all stories have an outcome per se, or choices to be made. I'd really love to see it happen though...


That's a great idea, but I can also see how it be hard to pull off successfully. Build You Own Adventure novels are very hard to write because all the different twists and turns can cause the plot to lose cohesion, and if we're basing our translations off of context clues that can get frustrating fast. Still, it would definitely be worth looking into even though you might need to get someone with a creative writing back ground to help you out at first. Then again, you probably already have a few on staff.

Oh!!! I know! You could do a Build Your Own Adventure story by writing it like a travel journal where you pick your own path through the city/town! Then you could have it be language practice and cultural lesson in one!

Sorry if this has all already been said/done. I'm still pretty new to Stories on Duolingo.


Those are great ideas. I was thinking maybe the course of the story could be changed depending on the way you answered too. Maybe i read too many 'pick a path' tipe books when I was a kid :D


Really enjoying the stories, but my level in Spanish and Portuguese is too high to get much out of them - they would be PERFECT for any of the other languages I'm learning! Just count this as one more vote to keep them going - I would love them in Russian.


This sounds like a brilliant way to continue learning a language. I haven't tried Stories yet as I am not currently learning Spanish or Portuguese (both are on the list though as I am working through the Romance languages) but I hope that they are expanded to other languages. I find reading books really useful in language learning and having exercises built into the stories sounds great. I will give more feedback on the format if French and Italian versions are released ;)


The only thing we need now is a web version of Bots!


In Norwegian Duo, we have learnt a great many words. Why not put them into a story? Deliciae can do it. I suggest the "The Mystery of the Ant that ate the Turtle" ( a novel about a swedish telephone salesperson who woke up covered in moisteurising cream, and suffered an accident in the capital city which uses metric units there).


And a lingot for you AndyLowings.


There need to be ducks. And elephants. They should be eating soup and salt and sugar. These stories would work in all the languages I am learning...


I did not have time for stories for a month or so and I must say, I like the improvements! I was surprised to see the third set and can't wait to get there. After eight months of portuguese it is at the exact right level of difficulty for me. Thanks for the stories and I keep my fingers crossed that they will one day graduate to the main tree!


Glad to hear it! I really want stories to succeed and become an integral part of Duolingo. :)

Besides seeing it expanded to other languages of course, I would like to see some more basic stories for beginners (I guess that's point 5?).


For basic stories, check out Bookbox (on YouTube). They have children's stories in many languages, and you can "read along" with the narrator (and look at the pretty pictures!). It doesn't have any comprehension checks, like Duolingo Stories, but it's better than nothing: https://www.youtube.com/user/bookboxinc/playlists


Thanks for this recommendation - it's a great resource!


Thanks for the update! (All updates are appreciated, and I cannot stress this point enough!) Can't wait to see this interesting feature expanded to new languages.


Yup, I am also very impressed with the update and its content (and the fact that you announced this update in the previous thread -- I would for sure have missed it otherwise).

Everything about the Stories (the idea, placing them in their own section but not as a separate app/website, the first actual stories, the way you are developing them and communicating about it) seems brilliant so far!


I can't wait for the French stories to be released!


Please, please, please, please keep this feature. What are your goals for it? What does it need to graduate?


Yes, yes, YES! I love duolingo stories!


Thanks for the communication; it's good to get frequent updates from the Duolingo team and what's happening! Looking forward to seeing the stories developed into other languages!


How long does it take to make just one of the stories? From writing the script, to recording, to making the animations, and making the story interactive, on average how long would it take to make? I'm just curious. :D


Instead of adding 40 stories in 2 languages, couldn't you add like 5 stories for each language so we can all try them out?


That would involve a significantly larger number of people. =]


I agree but I think they were saying they started with Spanish and Portuguese so they will add more languages if it works


i agree only spanish and Portuguese i do not learn any i only learn hebrew i do not care how many or few storys there are in my language as long as its more then 0. i am just curious and busting to try it out


Thanks! Looking forward to the new DL stories[labs]. Will the old DL stories be left for review? And there needs to be a pop-down list of what some of the words mean if possible. Keep up the good work!


You can click on the words to see dictionary definitions. Give it a try!


I think this is a great idea and would love to see it in Italian. Thanks.


I love these! I just started the second set (in Portuguese*), but haven't quite finished the first set of Spanish ones yet. They're a great bridge from the stock sentences in the exercises to reading and conversational usage. The variety of question formats keeps it interesting, and the stories are entertaining too.

Since I haven't seen it suggested yet, have non-fiction stories (perhaps about famous people from the target language's culture) been brought up?

  • My favorite voice is the man in the Portuguese stories - he's fun to listen to.


I really like your idea about including non-fiction pieces! Upvote!!!


I agree! The guy speaking Portuguese has a great accent! (And I'm Brazilian, so I should know that! He must be from the state of São Paulo!


Obrigado para a informação! I find accents fascinating... A co-worker of mine - the person who introduced me to DuoLingo - is a native brasileiro as well.


In Portuguese, the dialogues are comprehensible but doesn't sound like anything an actual human being would ever use. For instance, "bem como" is used in written formal Portuguese. Here it is used in a informal chat by what is supposed to be a child. "Eu poderia ver o seu desenho, garotinha?" should be "Posso ver o seu desenho, menina?" or something like that. Nobody would address anyone using "garotinha". "Creio que seu desenho pertence ao museu" is ambiguous. Again, "Creio" is not something that a human being would say to a child. "Reconheço um grande artista quando vejo um" should be "Reconheço uma grande artista quando vejo uma" (it's a girl, afterall)

No attention is given to connected speech, essential for listening comprehension. Was this prepared by professional linguists? It's a good idea, but the execution was very poor, I'm afraid.


">we, duolingo users, can help fix, right? I disagree. They should hire professionals." Ok, now I disagree: it's a free resource, and we can help on improving it. Of course I would be happy if Duolingo coul pay me for corrections (in Brazilian Portuguese), but the world just does not works the way I want (most of the time). And I hope you can understand me, my English is far from perfect).


Yes, I know what you mean.But that is something that we, duolingo users, can help fix, right? For example, In the second story, there is a mistake: "sobre quem ele deveria casar" should read "sobre com quem ele deveria se casar"; "uma agradável senhora" sounds a bit artificial- "uma simpática senhora", maybe would sound more natural, I guess.


>we, duolingo users, can help fix, right? I disagree. They should hire professionals.


Love it! Thank you so much.


I am loving the stories. although i am good at reading Portuguese, i definitely need to improve, especially when dealing with the more advanced words. The area where Stories helps me is in listening. I have struggled for years to improve my listening skills, and stories helps me to listen to Portuguese with words i am familiar with or practicing, as most if not all the words used are in the Duolingo Portuguese lessons.


WOW! I think duolingo stories has GREAT potential please do provide them in French!


I really enjoy this new teaching approach. :)


I love the story feature. Thanks to the Duolingo team. It really helps with expanding vocabulary and learning normal phrasing. I would like an option where after I pass the reading comprehension with 3 gold stars, I can reread the story without the questions popping up and interrupting the flow. I still want to be able to click on any word I don't know and have the definition pop up (to me that's 90% of the value of the story feature) and also have the option to have the whole story read aloud straight through by the native speakers. Thanks again.


Wow, I just have to say that I'm deeply in love with this concept! Can't wait to see it in Italian! Btw, if you need some help with a Swedish story in the future, I can help you :)


Just want to say that I just tried out a Spanish story (I'm a native Spanish speaker, just wanted to see how that experience was) and would be very excited to see stories in French and German (the two languages I will be learning on Duolingo)

Can't wait!


First of all, in love these stories. Since you are asking for feedback, I have a suggestion. These stories are right about my Spanish level. I speak French and have traveled in South America. I have never taken formal classes though. I hated getting tested on spelling! I'd much rather the questions be comprehension questions. Maybe though that is just me. Maybe if you make a spelling mistake it could give you a choice of two spelling options and get you to try again?


Can't wait to see the stories in French and Italian!


Do you have a rough estimate of when other languages will be usable in stories?


It's Great to practice Spanish. I am a native spanish-speaker and the voice is understandable. Great Job!

Waiting for Italian and other Languages!


Just a word to say how amazing the "Stories" are. As a Portuguese beginner I've been searching for something like this for a long time : everyday conversations to learn new (useful) vocabulary and common structures, work on oral comprehension with natives that would speak at a reasonable pace and with authentic (not robotic) intonation. They are all rather pleasant so far, and many of them are even quite funny! I agree with the suggestions Duo users have sent so far. All I can add is : please graduate the Stories section and please, pleaaase make many more of them!!!


Just waiting for French stories to come out, I can't wait.


Would love to see Italian please. Just looked at the Spanish version and it looks great. The missing word exercise is good for testing comprehension. And it is always good to hear the language spoken by a native. Keep up the good work!


Please, make the german version for the stories.


You should make a section where people on duolingo can make their own and a native revises it. like I speak English, maybe a french person makes one and a native English person in the community revises it. ( Have a system where it is revised a couple of times. But you can only create them once you completed all the ones made for you by duolingo. -just a though ;0-


I agree. French german, spanish, portugese, english all widly spoken on duo.


I was looking for Italian stories, which are not available, so I tried the Spanish story to see what it was like. I like the way it is interactive and hope that the concept catches on and we see other languages made available.


Add German, please.


Please keep the stories, they are great! :)

[deactivated user]

    I think Stories is very good. Im not learning Spanish but I really hope that this project continues! Please keep this project!


    Wow congratulations on your streak!

    [deactivated user]

      Merci beaucoup!


      I would love to see culturally significant short stories presented in this fashion after finishing the basic sets. A set of accessible stories by famous mexican/argentine/spanish/etc authors (for Spanish) narrated by native speakers with the single-click translation feature you have would be great for vocabulary building, cultural understanding, and a stepping stone to reading more and more in a new language.


      That would be good. You can already find some audio books of classic stories that are out of copyright at librivox.org and google for online text versions. But it would be great to have some of the Duo features, and they could choose particularly suitable stories.


      Great website. Thanks for sharing.


      Nice idea. I wouldn't mind if the authors were famous or not but cultural insight would be good.


      This feature is good, I hope to see it grow and become available in more languages


      Another vote for French.


      I love the duolingo stories I wish the there were picture thouhgh, no so much for context but just to make it like a real story book and to keep the reader's attention.


      That is a good idea.


      Would be great having some kind of discussion thread tied to each story.


      Would love to have French stories !!!


      In French please


      I just took a language proficiency test (IELTS) and while the stories here with transcriptions are quite nice, the hard part of language proficiency test is the listening only. Format is a few questions that you can see, then the dialogue which can only be heard. I think with your current set up, you should be able to have an option to hide most of the transcript, and only show the questions/fill in the blank bits. That would also tend to make each of the stories more interesting to go through multiple times.


      I very much hope this graduates from the Lab, I feel like this is the missing facet from my Italian lessons!

      I've watched my daughter(she's 12) use it for her Spanish and she's been loving it!


      Can you have a section of random verbal questions And we have to listen to 3 answers each time and select one without it being written?


      I understand that this is all still in beta and testing under just Spanish and Portuguese, and may not come out for other languages for a while... But I just want to add myself to the chorus of people clamoring for this feature to be released in other languages whenever feasible. It seems like a really great feature that addresses what has thus far been some of duolingo's biggest weaknesses: listening and reading comprehension. The current format gives bite-sized sentences without context, which is fine for beginning to learn a language. But something like the stories feature is practically essential to learn a language on a more conversational level. So keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to this feature being available in French!!


      I love the stories!!! Please keep adding more that are more challenging. I really feel like the stories are pushing me forward more than the lessons. Thanks to the Duolingo team for all the hard work!!


      when is another coming


      When will it be in mobile app ??? For ios android and winphones


      The Lab feature was delightful when I was using it in German. But I've switched languages now ... cannot wait for Labs in Swedish. Please! Thanks! :D :D :D


      I really want the Stories for the Brazilian students of English. When are we going to have this?


      Can help you with Russian stories!


      I would love to see Danish here also .. great feature :)


      Have I missed something, or have Stories not been updated in a long, long while?


      We've been working on improving the overall experience of Stories users. That's why we stopped producing new stories for a bit. But you will get new ones next year. :)


      Any chance of bringing these stories to the app?


      I have only just completed the tree in Spanish, but there does'nt seem to be a moving forward link to go straight on to stuff like the labs for the stories, I had to fiddle around a lot to find out how to move on?

      Tried the first of the stories and it was fun and quite natural given how they are presented. I think giving credit for completing them in XP and % of fluency would be great!

      Thanks to the team for a good programme.


      Stories are the best feature Duolingo has introduced since the progress bar. Keep on the good work :D


      It will be ok if there is stories in turkish the language that i learn.


      I love this feature! I especially like being able to click on vocabulary to check it so quickly. Hope the feature stays and is extended to other languages.


      I really want to do this but I want to focus on French. Please, oh please, I need this in my life.


      The stories won't load on my mobile phone. I've tried refreshing multiple times. I can see them but when i click one one it simply brings up a blank page. The regular duolingo practice pages load just fine.


      I'm not able to use Duolingo stories anymore. I don't see the link to stories anymore. If I navigate to https://www.duolingo.com/labs it briefly shows the lab page and then brings me back to the Duolingo homepage again.

      Edit: I found the problem. You need to be learning from English.


      It's because your interface is not in English. The direct stories link should work: https://stories.duolingo.com/


      As the Stories feature matures and Duolingo (hopefully!) expands it, a badge feature could be added, similar to the Immersion ones, which displays how many sets you have completed.


      I love the stories- just finished the first set in Spanish! I checked some in Portuguese: nice accent! Looking forward to the stories in French, Italian, German!


      Any chance for a story maker down the way? I think it could help people with their writing abilities. For example I write a crappy blog in Spanish to practice writing and thinking in Spanish.


      lol, i like that last part of #6


      Great idea and fun way to learn more... thanks...


      I love the stories and would like more. The added vocabulary is a plus. Please continue them and add more with additional complexity.


      wooo you have a lot of expirences in diferents idioms, you are a good example for me.


      I want to add weight to the addition of Russian in Duolingo Stories. Спасибо


      I don't study Spanish but I tried it anyway and it was pretty good. French please!


      Not bad idea, it is limited though, the text comprehension is something, but I would prefer something more active, something like Immersion, that it was really good for advanced users.


      The stories are amazing and very entertaining. I think it would be a great feature to have an option to be able to hide the text for people who only want to practice listening but still want an interactive thing like this.


      I have tried the first Spanish story and loved it. It's exactly what I need to practice oral comprehension. There's just one problem. I was told I got two stars, but when I opened the page with the stories again, there were no stars on the first story. I did the story again and got 3 stars, but they still don't show up on my stories page.


      hi! if you need any help in the future for french stories, i'm ready to help!


      I have only just found the stories. I had a little go but, as I have not finished the Spanish tree I am not ready for it. I loved what I saw! I agree it would be good to just listen to the story with the transcript appearing as my listening comprehension is where I need lots of practice.


      I think that the team should add story templates that users can add their own made up sentences to. This would be fun as you can change it every time. Also these should be able to be seen by other users that can give constructive feedback if there is a mistake etc


      And about 30 seconds after introduction, someone would write rude words or offensive statements. (not me!)


      Very good idea and when it going to be realized language which I learn(german,polish, swedish),I will actively use it


      yea! Will wait patiently for it to expand to other languages. :)

      I use Duo as my main language learning app. then as I improve, I use Duo plus something else. but nothing is better for starting and keeping on learning a new language than Duo.


      What if people were able to add stories and voice-overs themselves?


      Then they would be all of very different quality and it would be a mess. I don't think that's a good idea. :)


      Good point. I didnt think about that


      I have only done two stories, but I love this feature. Very happy that there are more stories.


      This is some feedback for story types. I enjoyed the Spanish ones then I came across these elsewhere which happen to be in German. https://archive.is/21XWJ#selection-151.0-229.16 I went through the first four with my dad who filled in the words I didn't know and we both laughed but maybe it doesn't take a lot and we just have the same sense of humour! Plus the inclusion of "gegenüberliegenden" for "opposite" we thought great just by itself! https://archive.is/MjCix


      I think the stories feature is a great idea, however they're a little difficult for people at a lower level .

      They should come with a recommendation for what level of Spanish/Learning you should be at before you complete them. I fired through the first one barely knowing anything apart from key words. I guessed or however over many of the answers and admittedly barely used any actually knowledge. However, due to the single-use style, if I did it again I could simply remember which one i selected last time.

      I don't want to try another one until I know I'm good enough to benefit from it...


      ''Fingers crossed it will graduate top of its class with honors.''



      That tiny mighty team betta release the Deutsche soon or else ima have to cry.


      I love these new stories! I always looked for something like that :)


      Are the stories going to come out in new languages at any point? :)


      I understand that is the plan. This is Beta β version to see how it goes, and what the feedback is.


      This is such a good idea. As a language-learner who feels like I've stagnated at intermediate and struggle to find content somewhere between elementary and fluent...

      I can't wait for it to be available in the language I'm not a beginner in (German)... or to get better at Spanish.

      Can't wait!


      I love this feature. Wish I could give more input but I speak neither Spanish nor Portuguese... Best of luck to make it graduate! :)


      A while ago I was able to use arrow keys to navigate through the story and use arrows to hear sentences spoken again, but this doesn't work anymore.

      Please make it keyboard-friendly again.


      I think you should be able to by upgrades with lingots, like with the extras. Maybe even by limited edition stories.


      I love this pls keep expanding on it. this is the future of learning


      All of my previously read Duolingo stories (all of Set 1, and part of Set 2, including "Alguien me persigue" (Sept. 28) and "La cita misteriosa" (Oct. 5) have suddenly been restored as if I hadn't completed them. And previous to this, I hadn't received any XP for them. So I don't understand what happened. I was going to try again when I noticed this. Can someone tell me what happened?


      Sounds frustrating. Wish I could help. I've been getting XPs for them. Strange. Hope it hasn't happened to.me since I did some yesterday!

      What broser are you using? I couldn't access them through Chrome, so I do my language things on MS Edge.


      How strange, I have no problem accessing the stories using Chrome. Although I only had a quick look at them when they first arrived because I am not learning Spanish or Portuguese at the moment. Blooming computers, it’s like they have a mind of their own sometimes!


      I can't get any voice files from any of several language programs any more on my desktop. I think it's a Windows 10 issue. Not sure about Rosettastone. I haven't used it recently.


      CAn you please do vocab on dentistry, realty, children, teenagers?


      i would absolutely love if they did questions and answers on the stories


      I love the stories and am pleased that you've linked them to the XP.

      I need to report another glitch: I used a story to level up in Spanish, and although my XP and level both increased, I wasn't awarded the levelling up lingots.

      I know it's all about the learning - and that is why I'm here, however, if I'm promised a reward for my effort, I'm disappointed if it doesn't materialise. Yeah, I'm a reward junkie!

      It would be great if this were fixed...I guess if (when) the Stories are released from Beta, the intention is that they will count towards all the learning scores as other activities do.

      Thanks again for all your hard work - this is a great way to learn.


      i use google chrome on my samsung duos to open the site of stories but when i reach a question of putting words in the order i have listened to .. it does not work .. why ? What should i do ?


      I have found no solution for that. They evidently aren't using the same system as for the lessons. I've only gotten it to work in the Windows 10 browser on my computer.


      Thank you! I absolutely love it! It might be fun to do some without any text and pure listening, then questions at the end.


      I LOVE this new story lab option for my students! They're in Level 2 high school Spanish, so some of the content is difficult for them, but they're enjoying the challenge. They're so proud when they're able to complete a story! It's TERRIFIC, authentic practice for them. I didn't realize, though, that while they're awarded XP, it does NOT count toward any assignment I have created for them. Even so, I LOVE this feature and I hope that it doesn't get the ax! :)


      What will be next languages we will see? Or maybe you are working only on these two for now?


      I really enjoyed the stories sets 1 to 4 and can’t wait to read more stories.


      This feature is great, thank you to everyone involved. I think I'm learning a lot by inferring meaning from context in the stories. I love how the text follows the narration

      [deactivated user]

        I just finished all the French Stories and I was VERY impressed by the superb, I mean superb quality of acting!

        THANK YOU and job well-done - ENCORE!


        I love the Duolingo stories, but for some reason I am not able to complete Set 1 of the French stories. I've done each lesson, but the story "Suis Les Fleches" never shows as complete.


        It would be good to have a separate app for these. By the way, I love them!


        I wish Duolingo stories are even in English from Czech.


        Could you give more stories in Spanish? The stories are very interesting and are informative about new words and phrases.


        Why no sound for two weeks?


        The (French) stories are great; more please! They are engaging and excellent for training my (very bad) ear!


        It's great but...... you should give us XP for completing the stories


        Hi! You should be getting them.


        I have just discovered and completed my first mini-story and will definitely complete more. Being able to hover over new words to translate is a very helpful feature as is being able to repeat audio, both in real time and slowed down. Please retain these mini-stories as they add to and enhance the learning experience.


        Italiano per favore!!


        I've just tried the stories feature. It is really good. I hope it will continue and eventually graduate.


        Stories is great, like Readlang on steriods. Please let us know if/when it is likely to graduate. And please can we have some Russian stories. My one complaint is that there's not enough visibility about where this product is going - a once a year update isn't enough :-(


        Stories are great! The only additional thing I would like to ask for is the ability to access the story as "text only" (without the tasks) after completing it, to practice. "Audio only" (again, without the tasks) could also be a nice addition.


        Hi! Actually, when you get to the end of the story, you can already scroll up and read it without the challenges and audio. But we are working on improving that feature. The audio only mode will take a bit longer though. We have been experimenting some different things. ;)


        Yes, but not if you come back the next day to rehearse... Anyways, I really love stories, and it's great news to hear that you are working on improvements!


        I loved being able to turn the script on and of to just listen, now it is removed. I hope can do so again soon. And another idea give choice as to whether the audio slows down. If I can listen to it a few times often it suddenly becomes clear. But if it is slowed down it becomes useless for a listening practice, but the slow speed has its' value in helping to hear the sentence. Thanks Duo the stories are great!


        I have updated duolingo as much as I can but I still don't have the lab project update. How can I get it?


        Labs is only available on the web, and if you are learning a language in one of the courses for English speakers.


        The XP I gain with the stories all of a sudden do not count any more on my German profile


        If you have different accounts, make sure that you use one which is enrolled in a Spanish course when you play Stories.


        What happened to the stories in Spanish? They have been yellowed out for the past month or two. I was through about 60% of them, and now I don't know next steps to progress in Duolingo Spanish.


        The order of the stories was changed. To unlock any stories that are still showing in gray, you might need to complete stories in previous sets. Look for stories with colorful images. Those are the ones you need to complete to progress.


        I just finished Stories set 1 in Spanish, but it's not unlocking set 2. Is this a bug or is there a way I could fix this?


        Are all stories in set gold and with a star? Or are there any stories with a colorful image?


        I finished all the stories in set 1, as shown by the golden picture at the ending of every story. But entering the stories overview again they would not turn gold. Every story i completely finished, would only turn full color. But after your reply they are now all golden and Set 2 has been unlocked.. So thanks for whatever you did! ;) But if this would happen again, is there a way i could solve this myself?


        I'm glad that everything is working well now! We have been running some experiments to improve Stories, and that's why the homepage behaves differently sometimes. That shouldn't happen again. ;) But feel free to ask for help in case you need it. Thanks!


        In every story the sound of the first 2 or 3 lines is muffled. Is it just me or others have this poblem?


        We've been working on this issue. Which device do you use?


        I love the stories, but would like to be able to listen to them again without re-doing all the exercises. How can I do this?


        You still can't do it, but we are looking into ways to make it possible. ;)


        when is the next batch planned? the last batch was very enjoyable.


        We're really glad you enjoy them! We still don't have a date for the next batch, but you will certainly get new stories next year. ;)

        • 1600

        I LOVE your stories. Thank you very much. I am eagerly awaiting Hungarian stories. Please hurry!


        I want it in Turkish, please.


        Swedish any time soon? <3


        For online language study I have tried most of the top apps and currently use the Duolingo stories and LanguageZen (Spanish only) which adapts intelligently to your learning level and gets you to try to say or type real world phrases and sentences. It is the most challenging app I have used. It also has a learn through music component. In Duolingo stories I am going to run out of stories before long. I like them because I learn new words in realistic contexts and it is interactive. I like that the new words are repeated in later stories so I don't forget them. Any recommendations for similar resources?


        My version quit working. I completed the first two groups of Spanish Stories. The icons changed to full color. The third thru fifth group were a mixture of the change to full color on completion, no change in color, and locked stories. I can't continue at this point, which was a shame because I thought they were a very helpful way to learn. Miles


        Hope you have been able to access stories again. ;)


        Completed the first batch of French stories and was working on the second batch. Today when I tried to open went back to first completed batch - what to do?


        Is that working again for you?


        Could we hear the stories with a Portuguese accent from Portugal?

        I'm waiting for Hungarian stories too.

        [deactivated user]

          Please mark the stories to show they have been read. It started out this way but now the marker is gone. How can I track which have been read? By the way, the stories are a good adjunct to the lessons. Maybe some more serious stories would be good.


          Hi jlimper! After you go through the whole story, the cover will become golden.


          Not sure where else to comment this, but I have a question about the Spanish story "Need Help" in set 2. Is "problema" a feminine or masculine noun in Spanish? I thought it was feminine because of the -a ending, but in "Need Help" "un" is used with it.


          Hello, Jessica477923. In Spanish, "problema" is indeed a masculine noun even thought it has an "a" ending. The ending "-ma" is borrowed from Greek, and other words that follow this are "el drama", "el programa" or "el idioma". Hope that helps!


          Everything you said is correct except "feminine" should be "masculine."


          It's been edited and corrected now. Thanks for pointing it out, Gwen986292.


          I like stories very much almost as much as I dislike the multi spam emails about them. Please stop!!


          Is there any way of telling if you've done a story? There doesn't seem to be and I forget which ones I've done.


          KTKee-EnglishEng, hello! Yes, once you complete a story, the illustration of said story will be gilded or golden, like with the skills.


          I’ve completed all of the French stories, some multiple times. Several months ago, the text was blocked out allowing only the audio to be heard. I loved the challenge for auditory comprehension. What happened? Today (Feb. 20, 2020), the unmasked text returned!!


          You can try closing your eyes to simulate that effect.


          Y'all have really come a long way with Stories. I love them, and I am looking forward to seeing more in various languages!


          The new stories in Spanish are not showing on my app, only in my account in the browser. What am I doing wrong?

          [deactivated user]

            I really like the stories and want to assign them to my students - this is a great addition to your site!


            I left for a long while. Came back because of #selfisolation. :( Found the stories and always do one or two. I love the dramatic readings! And the premise is clever. Gives me a chuckle often. I'm on a streak again.


            Maybe they should do some in mandarin... it would be really heplfull


            What happened to "The Tell-Tale Heart?" It was next up in my unlocked stories and I was really looking forward to reading it in Spanish. I love Poe and I wanted to see how actual famous literature was translated.


            donde esta 'la corazon de lator'? Es mi favorito! iTraelo de vuelta por favor!


            Is it just me or do the stories take a long time to load after each person's line


            When will stories be available in French for Spanish speakers? Soon, please?


            I love the stories. It's a bit frustrating though that whenever I finish a story and click continue, it takes me back to the top of the page. I have to scroll way down to get to my next story. I'd love it if "continue" brought me back to where I need to be!


            Unfortunately, I won't be able to use the stories until the amount of languages is expanded, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add in dutch soon! There are a LOT of Dutch learners, and it's hard to find good ways to practice the different aspects of the language using normal everyday instances.

            Just a thought, but it may be better to add a few more languages, because then more people will be able to give you guys feedback, and if you HAVE to, you can always remove certain languages. Just my thoughts...

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