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Duolingo Stories Update

UPDATE - 8/15/17 - Duolingo Stories have been updated with yet another batch! We hope you enjoy them :)

It’s here: A second batch of Duolingo Stories (still Spanish and Portuguese only) has been released today! There are also some minor tweaks to the experience itself. See if you can notice an improvement.

We really appreciate all the feedback coming in. The pop up requesting feedback will now only show up for some of you. If you don’t see it, please use one of the two links below to submit your reviews. All feedback is useful: story content, recordings, experience, bugs, ideas… all of it! Here are the links:

Submit Portuguese Stories Feedback
Submit Spanish Stories Feedback

Common feedback we have received from you:

1. You should release it in French/German/Russian/The language I am learning!

We would love to! As is likely with any project in Labs, there is a tiny but mighty team behind it, and the staff involved use the resources available to them to test a concept. So it is safe to assume that the plan is to just keep polishing it in Spanish and Portuguese to see if Stories is successful in its goals. If it is, it could launch as a full-on feature and then expand to other languages. Also, in addition to spending resources in an experiment, the more languages we add at this stage, the more work (and time) it would take to refine it. These requests are a great sign to us though—shows us that you are excited about the feature and can’t wait to use it. =]

2. Why Portuguese and Spanish though?

A prototype cannot be too picky. Those were the resources available to the team working on Stories when developing it.

3. You should give us XP for completing these

Agreed! That is more likely to happen as the project matures, and not in this initial stage.

4. Your voices should be native speakers

These are all native speakers of either Spanish or Portuguese. And 100% amateurs at any type of voice acting, guaranteed (most of us just have different jobs here at Duolingo). But we believe the recordings are getting better. Please check out this newest batch and let us know if you hear an improvement.

5. You should make different levels of difficulty/serialized stories/etc

These ideas are sensational and not completely different from what we have been discussing over here. Keep sharing them in the comments or in one of the feedback forms linked above!

6. But when will it graduate?

Remember: We are not even sure if it will graduate yet. Once we know that, we will have a better estimate! But it could just not graduate for one reason or another, and be removed from Labs. Fingers crossed it will graduate top of its class with honors.

TL;DR: More Stories are available (still Portuguese and Spanish). We understand you would like it in more languages and earn XP for it. What else can you tell us about it? Submit your feedback to us, and vote on comments below if you want to add weight to a suggestion.

Thanks for checking out Stories and sending us all that feedback! We’ll continue to work on it and keep you posted.

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July 19, 2017



I love the idea of stories. I am learning German and one of my favorite methods for learning is through easy stories. When I saw this feature appear in the Labs, I was very excited for it. Unfortunately, I am not currently studying Spanish or Portuguese, so I can't offer any feedback on the work that is done so far, other than I am really excited for it.

Keep it up and I look forward to this feature graduating out of Labs and expanding to other languages (German, Esperanto).


Excellent news! I'm glad that DuoLingo is working on another context-dependent method of language learning now that we are forced to go on without Immersion.


Please, please, PLEASE allow us to unlock the second set without getting three stars in each of the stories in the first set. For people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing (or who simply lack a computer with speakers), there's no way to get three stars in some stories because we're asked to type words we cannot hear. I guess it would be possible to guess randomly, be marked wrong, write down the correct answers, then go through each story a second time typing what was learned during the first attempt, but that feels like a waste of time because it doesn't involve any actual learning.


Perhaps at the beginning of each story the team could add a "can't listen now" button to press for those with this issue! There's already a "can't speak now" button for exercises on mobile, so it's not an entirely new concept on Duolingo.


Did you try the stories more than once? That's what I did. The first time I didn't know some of the answers, but the second or third time it was easier - then I got 3 stars! And yes, you're learning the collocations and the new vocabulary!


Thank you for this second set of Stories!


UPDATE - 8/15/17 - Duolingo Stories have been updated with yet another batch! We hope you enjoy them :)


Hi HelpfulDuo, do you may inform when it will be available Duolingo Stories for English learnings?


Just a friendly reminder:

It would be better if you always could additionally create new threads e.g "Duo Labs stories update # set 3 available", which can be actually seen by users and filtered with the "NEW posts" discussion option, or which thread can be made STICKY in the relevant Portuguese / Spanish sub-forums.

With a very long "stories update" thread like this, and many many user replies, it often is not very clever to try to follow a discussion.
If you do, your e-mail inbox get's spammed with all user replies, which probably noone has time or interest to read through, besides staff scanning for concrete suggestions / user feedback.

So I don't do this.
Therefore I simply would have missed stories set #3, if my other sets would have already been finished (I have not yet finished my DuoLingo Portuguese tree).


In the second batch, I've noticed some sound issues. I'm not sure if it's a problem on my side or if it's a global issue.


For those of us who aren't studying Spanish or Portuguese would you be willing to give us back the quizzes (or even just access to our previous quiz scores) to make up for not having access to stories? Obviously I know that there are many other resources out there for learning French other than just Duolingo, which I do use. But I would like to continue learning in Duolingo, though.


It's interesting that Duolingo provides English tests, but not tests for other languages. Duolingo seems to be supporting the English takeover of the world, which must be stopped.


YES! I'm learning Dutch, and I REALLY miss the progress quiz, because I am the only person I know who is learning Dutch, so I can't be told how well I'm doing or not. I hope the quizzes do come back soon, because it looks like they won't be adding more languages to the stories for a while now :(

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