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No degradation of skill strength at all?

Hi there,

I started using Duolingo two weeks ago and have completed around 20 lesson sets since then. Every one of them is displaying a skill strength of 5/5. I haven't done any excessive strengthening the first couple of days and deliberately didn't do any at all for the last few days. Still no decay - Strength: 5/5 on each and every skill. There's obviously something not working the way it should. Could someone of the Duolingo staff please have a look into this? (I'm on a PC with Firefox 24.4.0, if that helps.)


March 26, 2014



The team is looking into this! Thanks for reporting.


Thanks! Hopefully this can be sorted out.


I am having a similar problem. I've be told by other Duolingers that individual skills don't degrade now, that all i have to do is hit Strengthen Skills and that takes care of my space repetition. It is a little hard to believe because I've been using Duolingo for about 2 months now and everything just says gold, and I'm sure I wouldn't ace some of those early lessons.


Hi TrogloDan! Sorry I'm not a member of the DuoLingo staff, but I think that it is possible that you simply have been practicing your words through multiple lessons. Skills don't necessarily decay just because you haven't practiced it, they can be strengthened when you work on translating , strengthening skills overall, or simply continuing on with normal lessons. As for me, the first three rows in my tree have only decayed once or twice, never more. Just saying, it's possible that that's the situation at hand. :)


Hi angel194462 and thanks for your reply, of course any input from fellow learners is appreciated, too!

What you describe is something I actually considered to be the case as well, but I doubt it. I haven't done any translation work yet and no strengthening at all for days, in any skill. I really hope this is just a bug at work. If not, Duolingo's repetition algorithm is seriously flawed.

As an example, over a week ago when I did the skill 'Animals', I was introduced to words like 'cerdo', 'ratón' and 'conejo'. I don't think they showed up since then again, not once. That's not the way spaced repetition is supposed to work!



Hi again! The link was a nice touch. :)

Well then, I'm sorry I couldn't answer your question, but I hope your problem is solved/fixed! :)


Yes, please do look into this. I've started again with a second account, it was so frustrating that I couldn't track my progress properly.



Yay, decay!

Today I finally encountered my first non-gold skill icons. So, skill strength actually seems to be degrading, but way too slowly. (I could have seen this earlier, but when I last posted here, I didn't know there was the 'LingoVocab' userscript which enables you to see the strength of individual words.)

To illustrate my point, I made a screenshot of a part of the previously mentioned 'Animals' skill's vocabulary list ('Animals' skill strength still 5/5):

Animals skill strength

Only my pig allegedly has decayed a tiny little bit since our last encounter (while it actually is long rotten in my brain - I had to look up 'cerdo' in a dictionary, which says it all), the other creatures are alive and kicking at full strength. Looking at the the 'last practiced' column, this doesn't make sense at all (considering that 'last practiced' equals 'first practiced' in my case).

I really hope this will be fixed eventually.


why are you complaining? I have 5-6 skills go down each day! Even more when my streak ends. This is so anoying plz fix.

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