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Tips to learn a new language!

Learning a new language, or MASTERING a new language is a very hard thing. Some people say it's even harder than learning how to drive a spaceship! (True!) BUT indeed, there are some tips. Learning a new language isn't about whether you have a good memory. It is about the intuition. For example, at you're free time, you could listen to some news with that language. Don't concentrate on the content. Just make it as some background sounds. At first you might seem very confused, but sooner you'll get on much better. Trust me. You could also watch some movies of that language with subtitles. You could slow it down on Youtube. Just press Settings--Speed--0.25-0.75. Remember that the vocabulary isn't the biggest problem. You don't really have to spend a LOT of time practicing your vocab, because it would just get into you're mind after some time. And because as I said, " Learning a new language isn't about whether you have a good memory. It is about the intuition." But in the end I found out that Duolingo was the most important key to master a new language. And by the way, check out this cool link below I found on Youtube!

<pre> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYlzJc8aaC0 Please give me feedback and tell me whether you have any cool ideas to master a new language. Thank you so much! </pre>
July 19, 2017



Start a journal for that language and only write in that language . No matter how much what you write doesn't make sense. Later on, read out what you've written and attempt to mak corrections before later on getting proper corrections


This is a very good tip!

You have put it in the "Educators" forum, which is for folks that use the "Duolingo for Schools" product. Could you please edit your post and change the topic from "Educators" to "Duolingo"? That's the general forum, where learning tips belong - and your post will have a wider (and more appreciative) audience there. Thanks!!

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    My mother owned her own business so as a kid I had access to a label gun. So I labelled my whole house in French when I was in highschool. Adding the articles to the label made things so much easier to remember.


    That is great! Thanks for your respond. Wish you could learn more languages!


    In addition to writing in a journal (which is helpful), it's also a good idea to actually use the language to communicate with other people; it's great if you can converse with a native speaker, but if not, it's still very helpful to have someone else's suggestions on improving your language.


    Yes that's a great idea, but it's in the video link already. : )


    oops, didn't see that ;)

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