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  5. Nein, wir gehen schon nicht


Nein, wir gehen schon nicht


This is the correct word order right? The adverb (schon) next to the verb (gehen) and negation after?

July 19, 2017



If you're Yoda it would be not so bad. I do not understand the "schon" in the sentence. If you want to say "we are not leaving yet" it would be "wir gehen noch nicht". This construction "wir gehen schon nicht" looks like "don't be afraid, we are not leaving" with "schon" in a somewhat soothing way. "Schon" can be a kind of filler to say "for that matter"


It's from a book and i dont know whats yoda... but yea it depends on a particular situation what the sentence may mean or if it can or cant be used.. though its not like it can never be spoken in german or something.. i just wanted to know if schon is fine where it is.. anyway..

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