"Aōhon dārion qrīdrughagon avy bēvilza."

Translation:You must throw your kingdom away.

July 19, 2017

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Should it not be aō bevilza?


It should indeed be aō. Thanks.


Isn't avy the accusative form of you ?


Yes ( https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Pronouns confirms this).

The accusative in this position, after an infinitive, before a conjugated verb, appears to be a pattern in this section [correct or not]. The pattern seems to also have an accusative before the infinitive, which you can't tell with this sentence because it is Aōhon dārion in both nominative and accusative. So here it could be either, but I'm inclined to think of this as accusative as well.

Here is another example from later in this lesson:

Zȳhe korzī qrīdrughagon azanti bēviltas.

The nominatives of the two nouns, and what case they are in the sentence are:

  • korze 4th lunar Zȳhe korzī accusative
  • azantys 2nd solar azanti accusative

So we have:

[A: accusative 1] [B: infinitive] [C: accusative 2] [D: conjugated verb]

I then (making appropriate adjustments for case etc) rearrange for English as: CDBA

(Well, I try to get it more fluid than this process sounds - I don't look things up on the charts for example unless I need to confirm what I have already noticed. To explain it makes it seem clunky and mechanical, which it is a bit anyway at the moment, but it will get smoother.)

If anyone wants (it's always possible I've erred) they can check the above from the following links:


Amazing! Thank you so much.

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