Duolingo error


I have completed pronouns 2 lesson 2 twice, but it keeps reverting me back to lesson one. This is very frustrating as it won't let me progress!!

March 26, 2014


Hi Seroxus,

This is the general discussion forum. You will want to edit your post and select "Troubleshooting" instead of "Duolingo".

If you don't have Troubleshooting as an option, you will need to go and subscribe to Troubleshooting first, then come back and make the edit.

Thanks! :)

Thanks, done.

HI Seroxus! Are you using Duolingo on the web? Android or iOS? What type of internet connection do you have?

I was using it on my iPhone 5s, had wifi connection 32mb.

after completing the lesson the third time, it let me have it. very frustrating because i found the lesson particularly difficult and was struggling to even get through once.

Also this isn't the first time this has happened. A week or so ago it wasn't letting me get a lesson also.

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