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  5. "Șoarecele este la bucătărie."

"Șoarecele este la bucătărie."

Translation:The mouse is in the kitchen.

July 19, 2017



"Șoarecele este la bucătărie."

Isn't "bucătărie" the no article form? Why does the English version get "the kitchen" anyway?

Wouldn't the correct translation be: "The mouse is in kitchen" Even though it's bad English?


Why should that be accepted, if it's bad English? Be aware that the rules for articles are different in Romanian, compared to English. Check out this thread for more details.


I guess i should've worded it differently. Like in the thread you linked, i was wondering why the Romanian version didn't use the article form.

Thanks for the link though, it makes sense now :)


Why not "în bucătărie"?

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