"Un chat mort ?"

Translation:A dead cat?

March 7, 2013

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They do use the same nouns too often. It would be useful to use "abeille", or "baleine, or "arignee", etc., some of the other little heard creatures from the early lessons, not only for variety but for practice. I mean, at this point, does anyone not know what is, or how to spell "chat"? Also, no offense to insects but it would be less distressing to imagine a dead bug than one of our dear companions (cats or dogs) being dead!


Yes well said! More variety would make the lessons much more useful as well as interesting


I keep bees. I hate to imagine my bees dead.


Must be easy for you to find a date, you're a real keeper


Yes, very easy 'cos I've got a lot of buzz.


Lol! I know its none of my buzz-iness, but the puns you can make are un-bee-lievable! Hive got a few up my sleeve


LOL. You do? Honeybee honest.


Ou vivant ? Il faut simplement d'ouvrir la boîte !


no! this cannot be true! THE CAT MUST LIVE


no animals were harmed in the translation of this sentence


We used to have a cat named Muffy who would sleep in the wild strawberries. One day we came home and he was on his back there with all four legs stiff in the air, eyes shut. We all said at once....."Is Muffy DEAD?" He wasn't. He was just weird.


I used to have a cat who would sleep on a mat in front of the front door, and he would twist himself around so that his head was pointed one way and his legs another, and sleep like that for hours.

I like the sound of your Muffy :)


Muffy would have savaged you in an instant were you to have walked too near him. He was one angry cat. He'd howl like a banshee in the garage, sitting on the window sill, and when we opened the door to say "What's up, Muffy?" he'd glare at us like, "Who the %^$# asked you to speak to me."


I love it. I love the sass.


Duo, we are more sensitive than you! Try to keep it less gory, please!


Why isn't "a chat meurt" correct?


Un chat meurt. = A cat dies.

Un chat est mort. = A cat died. - OR - A cat is dead.

Un chat mort. = A dead cat.


Merci!!! It is very simple key!!!!


On a family holiday in france, to a stall holder at a market who was playing some rather painful violin music , my father ventured "le chat est mort " ..... they definitely didn't get it.


Rest in peace, my sweet, sweet Pluto... </3


When does the adjective precede the noun and when does it follow it?


BANGS: Beauty, Age, Number, Goodness, Size. All these things are more likely to preceed. (Un beau homme; Une jeune femme; Un mauvais enfant; Les grosses vaches) All others are more likely to follow. (Les chapeaux rouges; Une chatte morte; Un ours coléreux)


Oui, un chat mort, une aile de chauve-souris est en peu du sang vierge


...et un peu du sang de vierge.


Vigilant as usual! Merci


Why is 'A cat died? not accepted, its also a question


Because there is no verb here. It could either be "Un chat meurt" for "a cat dies" or either "Un chat est mort" or "Un chat mourait" for "A cat died"

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