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Some fun facts about the Valyrian language family!

Here is the link to a Wikipedia site for High Valyrian!

Extra fun fact - David Peterson, the creator of High Valyrian, is actually the head moderator and language builder of High Valyrian right here on Duolingo! Thank you David for coming to our humble online community to teach us a new language!

July 19, 2017



Awesome! I'm really grateful for this course, along with the Memrise one that I'm using alongside it to glue the words into my head.

The sad part of mastering High Valyrian, I've decided, is the lack of conversational partners, and dare I add, the scorn of other people who wonder why I'm learning a made-up language.

Fun part: Anticipating re-watching GoT and following the HV dialog. And all the other grammatical tidbits I'm picking up from the very complex grammar, which might be useful in understanding some of the more widely spoken languages.


"the lack of conversational partners, and dare I add, the scorn of other people who wonder why I'm learning a made-up language"

I feel you. This is how I feel whenever I pick up another language. For some reason I enjoy learning fake languages more than I do real languages, probably because they're often much more structured and logical.

All of the languages that I speak well are made up, including Esperanto, Klingon, Toki Pona and a few other languages I created myself for my DnD adventures. The other day I decided I wanted to pick up a new language because I was getting bored again (after learning Toki Pona and relearning Klingon) and my choices were Afrikaans, Greek and High Valyrian. Well, I guess you can see what I chose XD


Now I had to google 'Toki Pona'. Never heard of that language before. Sounds really interesting. I think I will give it a try.


Toki Pona is a fun language, I learnt it as a break from my other language studies. The past few months I've been spending a lot of time on my Esperanto, Klingon and Turkish and I just needed a break. So I spent one week ignoring Eseranto, Klingon and Turkish to learn Toki Pona.

After the week break it feels nice to get back to Esperanto and Turkish, it feels fun to learn again and I now have another language added to my inventory of languages.


I myself ended up on duolingo because of valyrian. it's nice to see it finally in beta now.

As for fun facts, David Peterson had anticipated the need for a valyrian language, and began creating the language soon after he was hired to create Dothraki, even though Valyrian's first appearance wouldn't be until the season 2 finale.

As for some observations, "Morghulis" seems to be derived from "Morgue." And "Rytsas", the valyrian for "hello" is rather close to the lithuanian "rytas," which literally means "morning." (Is "Rytas" used as a greeting in Lithuanian?)


Adittionaly Morghulis might just come from a reflex of Minas Morgûl, if Valar is inspired in the Valar of Tolkien.


Also, goodbye is geros in Valyrian. Guesswhat, geros means good in Lithuanian.


Actually "geros ilas"


that is actually really cool


I never knew that! I found out more stuff about High Valyrian today and thought it was very interesting! Thanks!

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