"Daorun kesīr ilzi."

Translation:There is nothing here.

July 19, 2017



Daorun kesīr ilzi, 'There is nothing here.' / Daorys kesīr ilza, 'There is no one here.'

July 19, 2017


Currently, "There is no one here" is marked as incorrect.

However, there are instances in the lessons where "daorun" can mean either "no one" or "nothing".

The way I have the words mapped right now:

  • daorun - no one / nothing
  • daoruni - nothing
  • daorys - no one

Edit: I'm starting to think that "daorun" is in the nominative case, and "daoruni" is in the accusative case. And so both can serve to mean "no one / nothing".

November 2, 2017


I can't find any sentence in any lesson where daorun is used to mean "no one". If you can find one, please let me know, as it is likely an error.

May 27, 2019
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