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  5. "My mothers are good."

"My mothers are good."

Translation:Ñuhi muñi sȳri issi.

July 19, 2017



Why is it that 'issi' is specified here but with "Taobi nagesi" there is no such specification?


Wel nagesi is a verb which is for everybody. I believe it's called an irregular verb. My boys are good= Ñuhi (my) taobi (boys) syri (good) are (issi,(it is issi because it is "they"))


i was wondering that too


There is no present continuous in Valyrian, so the verb to be (issi in that case) doesn't exist in sentences like The boys are sweating, because it's written the same way as The boys sweat.


How do you type the bar accent y on an android? It does not come up available when I hold down the y letter like it does for vowels.


Use the latin layout there is the ȳ ā ē and so on.

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