"This lunch costs eighty-six hryvnias."

Translation:Цей обід коштує вісімдесят шість гривень.

July 19, 2017

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I wrote "tse obid koshtuye visimdesyat shist hryven" Correct answer: Tsey obid koshtuye visimdesyat shist’ hryven’

This is so frustrating trying to transliterate to latin letters.

[deactivated user]

    Це (tse) and цей (tsey) are different words.

    Цей (tsey) is an adjective-like pronoun that modifies a masculine noun:

    • цей обід (tsey obid) ‘this lunch’,
    • цей стіл (tsey stil) ‘this table’, etc.

    Це (tse) can be a free-standing pronoun that doesn’t modify anything:

    • Це обід (tse obid) ‘this is [a] lunch’,
    • Це стіл (tse stil) ‘this is [a] table’, etc.

    This is a complete sentence, because tse can’t be modifying obid.

    (Alternatively, це [tse] can be an adjective-like pronoun that modifies a neuter noun: це сонце / tse sontse ‘this sun’, це життя / tse zhyttya ‘this life’.)


    Thanks Zhaba, that actually clears it up for me!

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